GKIC Expert Advisory Board

To paraphrase a famous quote, "No man or woman is an island... "
But it can sure seem that way when running a business or living life as an entrepreneur. There's always another new crisis or challenge to confront... and without the luxury of a huge in-house staff on your side, you can struggle with trying to find the right answers on your own.

We totally understand.
Today's frantic marketplace mandates having a broad network of experts, mentors, and partners to rely on for support, advice, and wise counsel.

That's the reason GKIC reached out to partner with top tier sales, marketing, and business experts... distinguished professionals who possess a deep and practical knowledge of their respective areas of expertise... to join us as panel experts on the GKIC Advisory Board.

Among GKIC's Advisory Board, you will find represented everything from specialized knowledge of Financial Markets, Publicity and PR, Copywriting, Online Digital Marketing, Personal Performance and Productivity, Social Media, Operational Effectiveness, and much much more.

This panel of experts guarantees that your partnership with GKIC will offer you an ongoing stream of powerful business-building ideas, opportunities, strategies, and tools to help you achieve ever greater success for years to come.

For your information, here's a list of our current panel of experts.


Online Digital Marketing

Performance and Productivity

Publicity and Positioning

Starting, Running and Selling Your Business

Social Media

Direct Mail

Professional Practices

Outrageous Advertising