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Bonus Evergreen Cash Machine Training!

By: Admin on: January 14th, 2014 1 Comment

Dave Dee Explains The Secret Stick Strategy Being Used For The Magnetic Marketing Launch…And How You Can Use This In Your Business

Join Us Here On Friday, January 15th at 1:30 pm ET (10:30 am PT) to hear Dave Dee talk about the stick videos for the magnetic marketing launch…why they were created, the psychology behind each video and how you can use this in your business.

Be sure to view the 5 stick videos first to get the most out of this bonus session.  The videos are attached below.  Please do NOT share this with anyone else.

Again, bookmark this page or cut and paste the URL into your calendar now and join Dave at 1:30 pm ET Friday the 15th.

Begins at 1:30 pm ET Friday January 17th…scroll down to view the videos Dave will be discussing


Video One


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5

Make More Money FASTER By Quickly Fixing Your “Good Problems”

By: Dave Dee on: May 28th, 2013 1 Comment

The other day a GKIC member contacted me to see if I could do some copywriting for him. He was getting a lot of traffic to his website…BUT it wasn’t converting and he wanted to know why and how to fix it.

As I don’t do copywriting for clients, I quickly referred him to a copywriter I knew would be able to help him. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the problem he was having.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, because it was a “good problem.” It was a good problem because he was attracting a lot of potential clients. And his actual problem was easily solvable—and once solved, it would mean a big pay increase for him.

But sometimes it’s hard to see the good when your business isn’t converting prospects into customers or you lose paying customers more quickly than you can attract new ones.

Because nothing is more frustrating than having clients slip through your fingers.

Of course, this happens in more ways than one…

For instance, when you convert prospects to paying clients, customers or patients, and then they drop off the map in terms of future purchases …

Or when you have an amazing product or service that people are eager to buy, yet despite your efforts few actually get around to purchasing from you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Well I have some good news, because it means you are doing something right! And it’s easy enough to fix the areas where you are falling down.

If you have potential paying customers, clients or patients slipping through your fingers, here are four things you can check to turn things around and start capturing those sales:

1)      Do you have a good call-to-action? One of the biggest problems I see in both written ads and in sales presentations is not having a strong call-to-action. Incorporate words that urge your reader, listener or viewer to take swift and immediate action. Without this, there is no urgency to do anything and quite frankly, if people don’t do something immediately, there is a good chance they’ll never get around to it. Even adding something as simple as “call now” can have a sizable impact on your sales.

2)      Do you have an “upgrade” system? Dan Kennedy taught me that one way to avoid losing a customer is to upgrade them into a new program or service or product. People are excited by something new and different and get bored with the old. By upgrading them, you’ve given them something new and different. Think “technology” such as cell phones and laptops and you have a good model to follow.

3)      Do you have a follow-up system in place for after they’ve purchased from you? There is a fortune to be made in your existing list, especially from people who have already purchased from you. Think about it. You’ve already spent all that money to attract them and convince them to trust you enough to buy from you. Why start over?

Think of this another way. Have you ever bought something from someone and then never heard from them again? If you’re like me, there are many times, I’m happy with the product or service I purchased. And if they would contact me and ask me to buy more from them, I would. But since I don’t hear from them, I don’t really think about it so I never purchase from them again. If you’re not following up with your customers immediately and regularly, you are leaving money on the table.

4)      Do you have a “lost customer reactivation system”? One of the things we help GKIC members build at our free Fast Implementation Boot Camp  is a “lost customer reactivation” system. It’s critical because it reminds the people most responsible for your business success that you haven’t forgotten them.

Reaching out to previous customers and letting them know you miss them and hope to see them again makes them feel important. It makes them feel good to hear that you’ve noticed they haven’t been around in a while and that you’d like to see them again. Think of your own experiences…doesn’t it feel good when someone says, “I’ve missed hearing from you.”

We’ve had members from Boot Camp tell us that by using this system, they “found” thousands of dollars just by taking the time to acknowledge that they missed hearing from customers.

Celebrate your “good problems” because it means you are on the right track. But don’t just let them continue to fester. Continually track and evaluate what you are doing. And make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table by letting customers slip through your fingers.

NOTE: If you are looking for the fastest way to correct a cash flow problem and fix what’s not working in your business, sign up for our next Fast Implementation Boot Camp. There is NO FEE REQUIRED, only a 100% refundable deposit to secure your spot, which will be refunded to you upon check in at boot camp. You’ll:

  • Spend 2 days with three masters of Glazer-Kennedy Style Marketing who will help you identify your marketing problems and fix them by helping you build the “lost customer reactivation system”, follow-up systems, call-to-actions and other items you need to start, re-start or turn your business around. (You’ll actually leave with completed campaigns ready to use immediately.)
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  • Discover how to find the hidden goldmine in your customer list, the “8-direct response triggers” that can double or triple response in all of your marketing, how to drive massive traffic to your websites—and then absolutely capture that traffic to triple conversions, the secrets of profitable email marketing and more.

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Best Buy’s Tip For Getting Rid Of Money Worries

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 23rd, 2013 3 Comments

In April, Best Buy, who has struggled financially in recent years, announced a new partnership with Samsung.

While Samsung has long had products scattered throughout Best Buy stores, they are paying Best Buy to put their products in the spotlight.

Samsung says that it will open 1,400 “mini-stores” inside of Best Buy stores by the end of June.

Called a “Samsung Experience Shop,” the mini-store will have an entire section devoted to Samsung products such as the smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc. and will include customer support for Samsung products similar to the “Genius Bar” at Apple stores.

1,400 mini-stores opening within just a couple of months. That is some massive action. And just the first step in Best Buy’s new “mini-store concept” which it plans to expand to more brands and products. The goal is to encourage more store visitors and a higher percentage of them to whip out their wallets and buy.

Moreover, it’s an attempt to move more traffic to their stores and away from online competition.  The basic strategy is to dedicate more space to higher-margin products and eliminate things that don’t sell. As for Samsung, this was a quicker and relatively less expensive way to broaden their retail footprint and move towards providing their consumers what they want which is better customer service.

There are two important strategies at work here. One is the massive action they are taking. The second is something many miss—and that is to focus on the things that will produce the most value.

It’s not uncommon to see big companies roll out a huge, massive campaign like this.

But as an entrepreneur and small business owner, massive action surrounding focused efforts like this – often go undone, even though it’s these types of efforts that can create considerable growth and huge profit. Especially when, like Samsung and Best Buy, it’s focused on things that will increase your business and profits the most.

The past two years, the GKIC Marketer of the Year at SuperConference, won because they took massive action in a rapid focused effort; creating and executing multiple campaigns and taking advantage of multiple opportunities all at once.

For example, this year’s Marketer of the Year winner, Jimmy Nicholas implemented 20+ direct mail campaigns, and in one year’s time, transformed his business and life.  Jimmy took his business, which had lost money for three consecutive years, to a 600% increase in profits.

It’s not just the Marketer of the Year that you’ll see this behavior—and results. If you talk to the most successful business owners, it is this concept of taking massive action that many credit for doubling their incomes (or more) and providing breakthrough business moments.

For those who don’t take this step, the common excuses are that they can’t afford the time or designate the resources to do something like this. Or they are a business of one and “wear all of the hats” and they have their priorities cast in stone.

Virtually every business owner has at least one time when, for whatever reason, they are cash strapped and feel resourceless. And if not money strapped, they are “time strapped” and can’t figure out how to put more hours in the day to get everything done.

The fact is, there is always something you can do. Let me say that again. There is ALWAYS a way to get things done.

Of course, you don’t want to be foolish about spending your time or your resources…because let’s face it, unlike the big, dumb companies, you can’t afford to waste either.

So the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what you want and where you want to go.

When I meet with clients privately, I discuss the “picture” of their business and life as they want it to be…a few years, five years, sometimes ten years into the future.

One of the things I learned from “Psycho-Cybernetics” is that the human mind needs the destination to navigate and move toward.  The clearer the destination, the better and faster the progress.

You CAN make a lot of headway at a rapid pace in life, but still not be moving toward a destination you want. I know. I’ve done that more than once. So the first thing to do to get your business moving in the right direction is to give careful, serious thought about where you want to go, what you want your business and life to be like.

Once you have that in place, get resourceful and put a plan in place to take massive action in a clear, focused effort on what will produce the highest possible results.

In my book “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” I tell a story of a young chiropractor who was getting ready to open his new practice—with at least a dozen competing chiropractors surrounding his office that were already established. He spent a full month prior to opening his office going door to door.

He knocked on 2000 doors and introduced himself, asking the residents about the area and their health interests and making friends. From the first day he opened his doors and started seeing patients, his practice prospered. In fact, in his first year, it outperformed all the established practices in the area.

A GKIC member strapped for cash is looking into getting an intern from the local college who will work for free, giving her more time so she can implement more in her business. [Not yet a member? Get two months free with our most incredible free gift ever here.]

Best Buy’s new CEO Hubert Joly could have whined and complained and made a lot of excuses about the mess he inherited.  He could have continued to do business as usual and watched Best Buy continue down a losing path. But instead he was resourceful.  Looking at what Best Buy had and what it was lacking, he came up with an innovative and massive campaign  that could provide a huge win for not only Best Buy, but for its vendors and customers as well.

It is inexcusable to be without resourcefulness. This is about character, not cash, nor time.

There are millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires that started with nothing. And everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

Are you going to continue down the same path you’ve been heading, watching others pull ahead while you fall further behind , wondering what happened?  Or are you going to figure out how to take advantage of opportunities and act on ideas quickly, so you can start experiencing the kind of big breakthroughs that will help create the kind of money that buys autonomy?

Click The Picture Now To Discover The 6 Steps To Building A Successful Business

NOTE: If you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to take massive action in your business, Eben Pagan, who runs multiple REAL businesses and generates serious 7-figure numbers just released a new report and video which reveals five simple steps you can take TODAY to dramatically increase your productivity.

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LIVE TRAINING!!! – The $5,000 E-mail System

By: Admin on: March 5th, 2013 11 Comments

On Friday, March 8th at 10:30AM Eastern GKIC Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee is doing a live VIDEO Training entitled:

“E-Mail Marketing Made Easy.  How One Quick E-mail Strategy Brought In $5,000 From Dead Leads”

During this live broadcast Dave is going to give you:

  • His proven e-mail templates that not only get your e-mails read…but also move dead leads to buy
  • The recipe to his “Secret Sauce” on exactly what to do and what to say to achieve maximum engagement with your list
  • A powerhouse follow-up system that will triple your profits from using these types of e-mails.
  • And lots more besides!

You Don’t Need To Sign Up…You Just Need to bookmark the page…and come back this Friday, at 10:30 am Eastern.

Simply Hit Play at 10:30 Eastern and you’ll have access to the live training. If you still don’t see anything, just refresh your browser

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Young Entrepreneurs…How To Lay The Foundation Today For Your Children’s Business Success Tomorrow…

By: Darcy Juarez on: December 18th, 2012 2 Comments

One of my goals for 2013 is to see more people learn what direct response marketing is and how to get results with it.

And while there are a whole lot of people that don’t know about it yet, one change I’d love to see is in teaching people about it at a younger age.

This year, “Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” program will be celebrated Thursday, April 25, 2013.

The day was originally started as the “Take Our Daughters to Work” program in 1993, but was extended to include boys in 2003.

The idea is to give children an opportunity to explore careers at an early age.

More intriguing to me is the idea of teaching young people what they aren’t learning in school about running a successful business.

At GKIC, VP of Business Development, Aaron Halderman, has four daughters. He is teaching his four daughters about how to run a successful business and even helping them to start their own business.

Last year at SuperConference (he’s also scheduled for 2013) you heard from former CEO of Guerilla Marketing and Founder of Icon Builder David Fagan, on how he helped his daughter, Jordan start a business when she was 12 years old.  She has also co-authored a book, “How to Make it Big by 17.”

Recently I heard from another GKIC member who said her 16 and 20-year-old nieces, after she told them about Dan Kennedy and what he does, have asked for some of his books  for Christmas. The 20 year old, despite being a graphic arts major and learning marketing at a prestigious college had never heard of direct response marketing.

A couple of weeks ago, Forbes Magazine ran an article on the CEO of Ann Taylor and founder of billion dollar women’s clothing retailer LOFT, Kay Krill.

One of the things Krill discussed was an initiative Ann Taylor is doing called ANNpower Vital Voices Initiative which gives grants and mentoring to high-school girls. The company is investing $1.3 million in the program to develop young women.

Krill said the initiative honors 50 girls each year who help their community be better. They also provide leadership training, grants and mentoring to high school girls. As one of the few women to achieve high level leadership status (less than 4% of CEO’s are women and only 15% are board members,) Krill said she doesn’t believe girls get enough leadership training.

She also believes that women have a hard time figuring out how to have a family and a career at the same time. Krill said she was mentored by Shelly Lazarus, former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather and currently serving as chairman emeritus, who is a mother of four children. She said Lazarus helped her figure out how to juggle both family and career.

Krill’s secret to doing both?

She said Lazarus told her you have to “jettison the people and things out of your life that don’t matter, and focus on what’s meaningful to you.”  Krill says that “Nobody can have it all! Men or women. But you can have what you want if you focus on it and figure it out.”

I want to say that while I’m talking about women here, this applies to men too. Men also have to balance family and careers. Boys also have to learn about direct response marketing and how to run a successful business. Just like women, when you focus on your development and ambition and look to mentors  who have reached the success you desire, you can figure it out and accomplish whatever you want too.

The other thing I want to mention to the men is that the women in your life need your support —whether it’s your wife or your daughter—or whether you are a peer or mentor to women. You play a significant role in their development (and vice-versa, of course.)

I’d like to hear from our GKIC members—what are you doing to mentor your sons, daughters and young people on running a successful business? What do you think young people need to learn more of in order to rise to the top down the road in their careers and businesses? Post your comments in the comment section below.

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Zig Ziglar: One Of The Best Gifts You Could Ever Receive

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 29th, 2012 41 Comments

I was inspired.

Those three words describe how I felt the first time I saw Zig Ziglar speak over 40 years ago.

A large part of the reason I ended up in speaking was because of author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar.

Yesterday morning the news of Zig’s death after a bout of pneumonia inspired people to share their memories and stories of Zig.

Today I’ll share one of mine.

A number of years ago, I had the privilege to be interviewed alongside Zig by Bill Glazer.

Zig began by talking about growing up during the depression and how that influenced him. He said that besides his mother being an incredible role model, he noticed something.

He said throughout his life he observed in every decade that regardless of what was going on in his community, he noticed that some people lived in nice houses, took great vacations, and drove the nicest cars. And that even when the economy was bad, some people thrived and that in good economic times some people still struggled for survival.

Zig said those who did well realized that they couldn’t do anything about the national economy, but they could do something about their “personal economy.” He said those that thrived, no matter what was going on, accepted responsibility for their own economy, in other words they worked hard and did whatever they had to do and whatever is necessary to not only survive, but flourish.

When I was growing up I saw both sides of that experience firsthand. My family had times of doing quite well and I also remember being one step away from food stamps. So I started at an early age searching for principles and strategies for what made the difference.

No matter what the small town, big city, good economic times, bad economic times, no matter what those variables are, in every area, you can always find somebody who’s doing really, really, really well even if everyone around them is weeping and wailing and gnashing teeth.

As an entrepreneur, you may want to follow Sam Walton’s lead. When asked about the recession in 1991 Walton said, “I’ve thought about it, but I’ve chosen not to participate in it.”

During our talk, Zig hit on a couple of key principles that allow you to be one of those people that thrive no matter what the conditions. Not surprisingly, one of them was how to get motivated.

Zig said, “Don’t wait to get inspired. You have to manufacture your own inspiration and motivation.” He said you do that by talking to like-minded people and reading books. Zig read over three hours every day for over 30 years. His reading material included autobiographies, newspapers, and the bible.

Zig said everyone can find a mentor—and should. That who you associate with and what you read are great sources of inspiration.

He also said that you refuel and restart your motivation by re-reading things that inspire you so you can be reminded of what you need to know and the things that motivate you.

I agree. Repetitive reading and mentors are key. If you’re hanging out with anybody that you don’t need to have a notebook to scratch notes in, then you should evaluate who you are hanging out with.

Author Clem Stone discussed inspiration to action. Inspiration to action or action to inspiration, it doesn’t matter where you start, you just have to find out what gets you there. For me, I start working and find the inspiration in the work.

But what happens when you are inspired and you are missing something other than skill—what do you do then?

Zig said that when there is someone that is very knowledgeable, but not living up to his or her full potential that the missing piece is the picture they have of themselves.

Zig talked about his early selling days. He said his self-image was of when he was a boy who was always struggling. He quoted Dr. Joyce Brothers, who said “You can’t perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” In other words, if you see yourself struggling you will always be struggling. If you see yourself poor, odds are you’ll be poor.

Struggling financially for over two years as a salesman selling waterless cookware, Zig went to a meeting—that he almost missed. (There’s an important lesson in that alone.) The president of the company Zig sold cookware for and Zig’s hero, Mr. Merrell, pulled Zig aside after the meeting.

Mr. Merrell told him, “I’ve watched you for 2 ½ years and I’ve never seen such a waste. I believe you could be a national champion if you just recognized your own ability, believed in yourself and went to work on a regular schedule.”

Zig said nobody ever said he could be a champion before. Having a man who he had a great deal of respect for telling him he could be a champion was a turning point in his career. He began picturing himself as the champion that Mr. Merrell said he could be. That year he went from the bottom of the sales rung and became No. 2 in the company out of 7000 sales people.  When his self-image changed, he became successful.

I’ve seen this over and over. You can have all the skills in the world, but your confidence level needs to match or exceed your competence.

The first time I really ever saw this was when I was working with chiropractors. I was doing coaching with hundreds of doctors. We’d give them identical systems and they would have identical numbers of leads coming through the door—but one would be stuck while another would be skyrocketing.

You have to change what is going on internally.

One way I’ve seen this happen is when a successful and credible person takes someone aside in a mentoring or coaching role and tells them they can do better, much like what happened to Zig.

Another way is at events. I’ve seen people come to seminars where they are suddenly exposed to hundreds and hundreds of people getting phenomenal results, the success in numbers has an effect on them.  When they see that a successful person doesn’t appear any smarter or any different, the exposure hanging out with successful people triggers something—and once it happens, all of sudden it seems to happen again and again.

Repetitive reading and repetitive exposure of hanging out with like-minded people who are successful has an effect. Seeing, reading and knowing Zig had an effect on me—a gift I’m glad I got to receive.

A positive self-image is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

And not to get all corny…

But this holiday season, if you know someone who doesn’t have one, you have the power to give it to them…and it won’t cost you a penny.

Do it as a tribute to Zig.

Note: You don’t need to wait to receive the gift of a positive self-image. If you need a mentor or coach to help or you are looking to experience success in numbers, we can help. Check out our different mastermind and coaching groups and eliminate the barriers that are holding you back while being inspired by the members in your group. Or attend one of our upcoming events…from Fast Implementation Bootcamp to SuperConference, we hold events all year round to give you live, in-person access to the best minds in marketing today…which draws an attendance of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners in the world. Find out more…

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Three Steps To Ensure Your Business Doesn’t End Up Like A Thanksgiving Horror Story

By: Dave Dee on: November 22nd, 2012 No Comments

Today the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving—a day to give thanks, be with family, eat too much and watch football.

But it’s also known for horror stories…

Turkeys that come out of the oven still raw, family feuds, laughing so hard you spit wine across the white linen table cloth…

Getting stuck at an airport because of inclement weather and awkward moments where Aunt Edna imbibes too much and curses everyone out.

More fun has been poked at Thanksgiving horror stories than probably any other holiday. From Hollywood movies and TV shows with classic moments like in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving when Peppermint Patty invites herself to dinner; Everybody Loves Raymond where Raymond’s wife Debra makes tofu turkey for Thanksgiving because it’s better for them (it goes over like gangbusters); or the Cheers episode where a food fight erupts during Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is the most likely for fodder because of the fact that you start off with a recipe for disaster.  The frustration of travelling at the busiest time of year combined with the very real possibility of bad weather, cooking a complicated meal usually of items that you rarely make (or perhaps have never made before) and bringing together family and friends which may not get along can make for some funny, albeit disastrous stories.

Just like Thanksgiving get-togethers, in business it’s not unusual to see well meaning business owners setting themselves up for possible disaster too.

Using the same marketing that’s always been used because you are leery of trying something new. Working with clients, customers, or patients you don’t always particularly enjoy. Working a lot of hours, but not being any closer to your dream of a picture perfect business.

The thing about Thanksgiving and business is that each year, you make yourself a promise that next year will be different.

You’re going out for turkey dinner instead of baking it yourself.  Or staying an extra day instead of travelling on the heaviest travel days.

In business, you rely on marketing that you know works ok, but not great because you don’t have (or make) the time or ideas to try something new.

You’re not going after clients or customers that aren’t a good match for your products and services or that you don’t’ enjoy working with.

You’re going to stop listening to the media sales reps that are more interested in selling you than they are in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Let this be the year that you stop re-living your business horror stories.

You can do it by doing three simple things:


1)     Determine what your biggest problem is. Ask yourself what disaster is constantly lurking in your business and what is causing that danger.  Are you in danger of not selling enough to pay your bills? This could mean that you don’t have enough customers or that you aren’t charging enough for your products or services. Do you lack the number of customers you need? A solid lead generation funnel could help solve that problem. Do you have lots of prospects, but no one is buying? Perhaps you haven’t correctly identified your target audience.

Correctly identifying your problem will help you zero in on how to solve it, leading you away from business disaster and towards the success you desire.


2)     Invest in a proven resource that will solve your current business problem. The time and money you think you are saving by trying to figure out a solution on your own could be leading you down a path that condemns you to an existence of “so-so results.” Make the commitment of time or money to solve your business problem now—before you end up with a huge horror story to tell.

Keep in mind that resources don’t always have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes it just requires a commitment of time. For example, Fast Implementation Bootcamp is a free resource for GKIC members that you can use to find and match a proven strategy with what ails your business.


3)     Make the commitment to take action. You know the problem. You have the resource in hand to solve the problem. Now it’s time to do it. Set aside some time and make the commitment to get it done no matter what it takes.

At GKIC we support your decision to make more money, have more freedom and create the life you want. What else can you learn from Thanksgiving horror stories that can help you stop living your business horror story and create the business of your dreams instead? Please leave your comments below.


NOTE: A word of THANKS and a Happy Thanksgiving to you. All of us here at GKIC are grateful for people like you who allow us to do what we love and fulfill our dream of creating and sustaining the life we aspire to. Without you this wouldn’t be possible—so thanks.

We hope you have created (or are in the midst of creating) an audience as amazing as our GKIC members. If not, let us help you make this the year that you get started so that next year you’re brewing something other than a business disaster and instead are brewing a pot of gratefulness and abundance.

If you’re looking to create the business of your dreams and you’re not yet a member, please accept our free gift worth $633.91 to help you get started here.

If you’re already a member and feeling stuck, check out our Free Fast Implementation Bootcamp or call your GKIC concierge and they can direct you to the help you need at 1-800-871-0147.

TODAY: Live Video Training “How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Money”

By: Dave Dee on: September 10th, 2012 2 Comments

Today, September 10th, at 3PM Eastern Time I’m doing
a no-charge LIVE Video training for anyone who would like
to create more security, more streams of income, and more
free time where you actually can live life on your own

I call it:

“How to Turn Your Knowledge, Advice, Expertise, or Hobby
into a Six-to-Seven Figure Online Business That Puts Money
In Your Bank Account Week After Week, Month After Month,
Year After Year – For The Rest of Your Life!”

During this video you will discover the exact, easy-to-
follow formula for creating your own information business
using the talents you have and love to use.

All you need to do to watch this live video is click
the PLAY button in the middle of the video window.

See you at 3PM, September 10th!

Dave Dee
Chief Marketing Officer, GKIC

The video will appear below at 3pm Eastern — if you are not
seeing the video – please refresh your screen

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GKIC Announces the 2012 Marketer of the Year

By: Dave Dee on: June 13th, 2012 1 Comment

Nothing is more important to the success of a business than marketing.

That is why each year we hold a competition that represents some of the best examples of how GKIC marketing gets results using our counter-intuitive marketing methods.

It is our hope that by holding a competition with great prizes that we can draw attention to the importance of marketing, inspire you and help more of our members to succeed.

In case you’re not familiar with our Marketer of the Year competition, the award celebrates the marketing achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs who have used GKIC style marketing to grow their business and achieve extraordinary financial increases in their bottom line.

The Grand Prize is $10,000 plus a Winner’s Weekend with Dan Kennedy.

Two runners-up also receive the Winner’s Weekend with Dan Kennedy, where they will spend an entire all-expense paid weekend getting Dan’s advice for their businesses, which normally runs business owners nearly $18,800 per day.

This year we had seven finalists which included Walter Bergeron of Power Control Services Inc., Jeff Giagnocavo of Gardner’s Mattress and More, John Rinaldi of Real Time Automation, Donna Galante of Cater Galante Orthodontics, Hoss Pratt of Hoss Pratt Success Systems, Mark Mehling of Home Watch Valet and Dr. Rick Schaefer of Knee Specialists of Wisconsin.

We also had eight honorable mentions which were Clint Arthur of Five Star Butter Co., Amy Barnhardt of Strong Marriage Now, Jon Bockman of Bockman’s Auto Care, Cindy Dunston Quirk of Scout & Zoes, Amy Letke of Integrity HR Inc, Craig McNeil of McNeil Designer Portraits, Ron Patel of Just Dine In, and Crista Tharp of Tharp & Associates Inc. and Blissfully Simple Wedding Planning.

On the Sunday following SuperConference, each finalist gave a live 20 minute presentation showcasing how they used GKIC marketing methods and techniques to grow their business in front of an audience of approximately 1000 people and a panel of judges.

The panel of business and marketing expert judges included CEO of GKIC, Bette Tomaszewicz who has a strong track record as CEO, investor and board member, improving market values for public and private companies in record time frames; Director of Marketing for GKIC, Darcy Juarez who spent the last 7 years creating marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that have gained national attention and; Former CEO of Guerilla Marketing and founder of Icon Builder David Fagan who has been seen on MSNBC, the Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and many others and is best known for his expertise in marketing and business development.

Following each presentation, the panel asked a series of hot-seat questions and scored the finalist’s presentation and results. Winners were chosen based on a combination of scores from the judges and an “American-Idol” style vote where the audience could text their vote for Marketer of the Year via their cell phone.

For the first time ever, the annual Marketer of the Year competition ended in a tie with Walter Bergeron and Rick Schaefer splitting the $10,000 prize money. Donna Galante and John Rinaldi will join Walter and Rick on the Winner’s Weekend as the Runner-up.

Winner Walter Bergeron, who only started using GKIC material six months ago, showcased results of $1,120,197 in additional lifetime client sales within just 90-days of implementing GKIC marketing systems. Click here to watch Walter Bergeron’s Marketer of the Year Presentation on youtube.

Winner Dr. Rick Schaefer, a knee specialist in Wisconsin, who began his practice less than a year ago, says he was able to grow his business from $34,000 in his first month to a whopping $450,000 per month in just eight months’ time using GKIC marketing ideas.

Congratulations to all of our Marketer of the Year finalists, honorable mentions and of course, our winners!

To join these marketers and start building your case to be next year’s Marketer of the Year, go to to receive our most incredible free gift ever! You’ll see how you can have this same success in your business plus you’ll receive $633.91 worth of free gifts.

The Easier, More Enjoyable Way To Make Sales Go Through The Roof

By: Dave Dee on: June 12th, 2012 5 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I read a comment in response to one of my blog posts that immediately made me think of a sales and persuasion technique we rarely, if ever, talk about…

The comment was made by a reader named Scott on my post, Three Business Lessons From The “Queen Of Disco” Donna Summer… (If you missed that post, you can view it here.)

In his comment, Scott relayed how he used similar “Donna Summer” tactics to make his sales, “much easier to get” and subsequently “go through the roof”.

Relating to how Donna Summer poked fun of herself in her song “The Queen Is Back,” Scott said, “I’ve dubbed myself ‘The Unlikely Ad Man’…”

Scott says by poking fun at himself with a made up title, he finds it helps people relate to him better. He says, “a lot of people in business don’t quite relate to their title…CEO, National Sales Manager, etc.”

Here’s an email Scott sent to his clients:

“Hi [first name]

A quick note to let you know I’ve been promoted here at [company]. They reckon I’m now the National Sales Manager.

Personally I thought I should be called the Pan-Galactic Quantum Wormhole Overlord, but the directors felt it lacked authority…”

Scott says his customers loved his email. In fact, he says that when he called after sending it to chase sales, many of his customers “expressed what a relief it was to do business with someone who didn’t take their title so seriously”.

Some benefits received as a result, Scott says …

  • His job became “way more enjoyable”
  • “Phone calls were a laugh”
  • “People treated my calls as a short holiday” and;
  • Over the course of two months, his sales figures went from $5,000/week to $20,000/week.

The big idea here: have more fun and don’t take your business so seriously.

People like to have fun. They like to be entertained. And if you can add that to your marketing, you’ve got a powerful tool that will help you sell more.

Not only that, but having more fun will make you, your marketing and your business more memorable too.

Over the weekend, actor Frank Cady, best known for his role as Sam Drucker in the TV series Green Acres died. In a story about Cady’s life, the Los Angeles Times quoted Cady as once saying, “I’m remembered for those shows and not for some pretty good acting jobs I did other times. I suppose I ought to be grateful for that. Because otherwise, I wouldn’t be remembered at all. I’ve got to be one of the luckiest guys in the world.”

Fun can make your product or service viral too. For example, (this video, called Mathmaticious) has more than 2.6 million views. Developed as a spoof of the song “Fergilicious”, the video makes math fun and has been shown by many high school math teachers to their algebra classes.

There are more ways than one to add fun:

Entertain your audience: Add puzzles, games, “letters from your dog,” or other types of entertainment devices to your marketing pieces — especially your newsletters.

Use humor: In Dan Kennedy’s book, Make Em Laugh & Take Their Money, he says, “Humor may have greater power than any other aspect of communication: to tear down and destroy, to compel thought, to encourage compassion, to persuade, to motivate, to ease pain, to affect the outcome of an election and the future of a nation or to make an evening with friends a great memory, or even to sustain a friendship over time. And, of course, to sell things…”

If you don’t consider yourself funny, that’s okay. You can still use humor by including cartoons that relate to your subject.

Or include humor by using a funny quote.

If you decide to use a funny quote, research shows that you should identify the author of the quote instead of saying “a comedian once said.”

Whether poking fun at yourself, using humor, quoting a joke from a famous comedian or including some entertainment in your marketing, you have the power to sell more while having more fun.

What are some ways you add more fun to your marketing? Share your ideas with our readers in the comment section below.

NOTE: If you want to know how to get people to buy more and buy more happily by using humor, check out Dan’s book Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money. Discover how to use humor as an “instrument of persuasion and influence” that you can use whether you are delivering a speech, seminars, sales presentations, writing advertisements, sales letters or newsletters. Click here to learn more.

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