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Is Your Email Dying? 5 Things You Should Do If You Don’t Want to Kill Your List

By: Dave Dee on: January 21st, 2015 4 Comments

Email marketing can be super profitable.

In fact, email marketing delivers the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy. According to Mark the Marketer, on average for every $1 spent, there is a whopping $44.25 ROI – and sixty-six percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message.

But you can also lose customers faster through email than any other form of media…

Because with email, the reader has all the power.

The reader decides whether or not to use the spam button to unsubscribe from your list.

The reader decides whether or not they will open your email, ignore it, or trash it.

And the reader can also decide to ignore your messages for the rest of eternity simply because you weren’t respectful of their time or they’ve labeled you as someone who continually sends them content that doesn’t interest them.

Fact is, on most email lists, almost half of subscribers are inactive.

So what can you do to change that (or ensure you aren’t causing it to happen)?

For starters, be respectful of your reader’s time and attention. Deliver value. Build your reputation for delivering information, products and services they feel they need.

Bottom line; take your email marketing seriously.

Here are 5 things you can do to get higher opens, click-through rates, and ROI:

1.) Write one-to-one: Email was designed as a personal one-to-one communication.

If you think about your own email inbox, you’ll probably agree that the emails from family and friends are the first to get attention and opened. So don’t send broadcast emails out that look like a sales flyer that would be thumbtacked to a board at Starbucks.

Address your reader and personalize.

 2.) Segment your list: Make your emails more relevant by segmenting your list.

For instance, let’s say you are holding a Google Hangout training on sales. The idea is you send an invite to your entire list, but then segment your list after the initial invite.

Only people who opt in for the Google Hangout will receive emails related to the training topic after that.

We’ll segment the list even further depending on the actions they take.

Plus, for future, we can send emails to the opted-in group about sales because they’ve shown interest in this topic.

This can significantly improve your open rate, even triple or quadruple it, because as Dan Kennedy frequently points out, “When your message is matched to a target audience that has a high level of interest in it, not only does your responsiveness go up but your readership goes up too.”

3.) Spend time on your subject lines: Sixty-four percent of people say they open an email based on the subject line, according to American marketing research firm, Chadwick Martin Bailey.

Create a swipe file for subject lines. Also, you can improve your open rate by using urgency and special offers.

Urgency can be created with limited time offers, alerts, and news bulletins. Special offers can include sales and discounts, but might also include using words such as free, new, or video.

While bizarre subject lines or curiosity can help your open rate, beware: These can also alienate readers if your email doesn’t deliver what is promised in your subject line.

4.) Mix it up: While your business depends on your readers doing something, don’t make every message about maximizing your revenues. Balance out asking for a sale with messages that include tips, a free download, discount, or something extra for them.

This shows appreciation, builds loyalty, interest, and attention from your readers over time. And in the end your subscribers will reward you.

5.) Send email messages regularly: Send emails consistently on a daily or weekly basis. Sending 4 messages a month verses one a month has been shown to improve open rates.

You might test using the words “Daily” or “Weekly” in the subject line as this has been shown to boost open rates. Stay away from using the word monthly as this has shown to hurt open rates and click-through rates.

Make 2015 the year you invest in making your email better. Engage with your active and past customers and prospects through consistent, relevant email messages. Give them more than they expect from you. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with higher open and click-through rates and a better ROI.

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Six things you can do to have more freedom in your business and life

By: Dave Dee on: September 6th, 2013 1 Comment

On September 12, 2013, the US will celebrate their inaugural “Freedom Day USA.”

A national event initiated by Dr. Robert Martino, a dentist from West Virginia, the idea is to provide products and services at no charge to active military and veterans as the largest “thank you” movement for the sacrifices they make in the defense of our freedom and way of life.

The organizers of the event are asking businesses to donate something at no charge to military and their families for one day only and advertise this to the military. Suggestions range from a free massage, free meal, free oil change to a free motivational or educational seminar or concert to free teeth cleanings. (You can visit if you’d like to participate.)

The ability to start and operate your own business…and affect your economic freedom is one of the many freedoms our military protects.  That this is just one of the things they fight for got me thinking how freedom means many different things to different people.

What does freedom mean to you?

Here are a few answers I received from business owners:

  • Freedom of lifestyle—to be able to travel or be away when I want to and at home with my family when I want to.
  • Independence from a boss breathing down my neck and controlling what I do.
  • Liberation from “3:00 AM night sweats” worrying about having enough clients or money.
  • Creating income even when I’m not working so I can take a month off if I want.

Regardless of your definition of freedom, the fact is that we do have the freedom to make choices and take actions to make our lives the way we want it to be—something many people don’t have. Today I want to give you six things you can do to have more freedom in your business and life.

  1. Replace manual labor by leveraging what you know. Whether you are selling products or services, you get paid by what you produce. Create products that leverage what you know so you can create a product once and be done. This not only replaces the manual labor of having to physically repeat what you are doing, but it eliminates the hassles and liabilities that come with hiring employees to increase production or training staff to handle client overflow.
  2. Make yourself an obvious expert. Books, e-books, webinars, tele-seminars, video series, speaking are all examples of methods you can use to position yourself as the expert. People who buy these information products are much more likely to hire you to perform services than any other customer you market to. That’s because having your own published information makes you the obvious expert.
  3. Make it easy for people to buy your products. Set up your business so that people can purchase products from you 24/7 without interaction from you. One of the advantages of having your business set up this way is that you never have to speak to buyers if you don’t want to. This frees up your time to do other things such as spending time with your family and friends or travelling the world.
  4. Streamline your operation. You’ve heard Dan Kennedy talk about the issues he had with employees. And we’ve even invited speakers to talk to you about how to hire and manage employees. But the truth is, employees can cause “night sweats” and issues whether it’s from quitting and taking your customers with them or problems with inconsistency in delivery.Designing your business to operate with only as many employees as necessary will help you gain freedom. Automation when possible is another way to eliminate hassles and streamline your business. For example, a great source of automation for GKIC has been to use Infusionsoft.You might also follow the lead of business owners like coach for women entrepreneurs Ali Brown who has five virtual employees that work from their own homes. This eliminates the costs associated with having an office and doesn’t require you to work set hours.


  5. If you’re just starting out, choose a business which only requires a small investment. Fancy offices, furniture, multiple computers, special licenses or a special education, franchise fees, etc. can all cost a lot of money. Choose a business that has high profit potential, but doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. For example, Gene Kelly was a law enforcement officer turned salesman turned manufacturing company business owner who ended up dead broke. He created a template with instructions on how to turn junk into something you want. He then placed a small ad to sell it in a trade magazine. That few hundred dollars to run the ad and create the inexpensive information product turned into over $1 million dollars.A business which can be operated from your home will also cut down on expenses, plus the convenience can create a lot of independence since you can work from anywhere—even if you are traveling the world.
  6. Identify a “starving crowd.” Too many business owners create products or services first and then try to locate customers who want their product or service. Marketing extraordinaire Gary Halbert once told a roomful of people, “I could operate a super successful restaurant if I had only one thing.” After participants guessed things like a great location, the best menu, low prices, a great sales letter… Gary said the only thing he’d need was “a starving crowd.” Do market research to find a market of “starving people” who need your help, are frustrated and looking for a solution and desperately need what you have to offer.

Take an active role in securing more freedom for yourself by putting as many of these methods into your business plan as possible.  When you do, you’ll eliminate worry, reduce your costs both in time and money, and make more money than you thought possible while allowing you the independence to work when and where you choose.

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LIVE TRAINING!!! – The $5,000 E-mail System

By: Mike Stodola on: March 5th, 2013 11 Comments

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Do You Have “Luck Of The Irish”?

By: Dave Dee on: February 19th, 2013 2 Comments

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and all the talk of “luck of the Irish,” I can’t help but think about what makes some people lucky in business and others not so much.

One of the reasons surfaced in a comment made after a tele-seminar I held on how to make $117,000 in 67 minutes.

(By the way make sure you register for this Thursday’s free webinar where I’ll reveal The Top 10 Ways to Radically Transform Your Business and Double Your Profits In Just 90 Days.“)

One of the attendees sent an email to me afterwards saying…

“Thank you for the tips…however you may want to adjust your lists.”

Turns out he didn’t believe he “qualified” for the opportunity.  He was in short supply of funds and, based on his history, felt he would remain that way for some time.

This person didn’t believe he could make more money than he is making right now, maybe ever, but definitely no time soon.

Perhaps he felt he was unlucky or had another reason for feeling the way he did. The specifics don’t really matter. But what does matter is that the conversation he is having with himself and others is keeping him poor.

International best-selling author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “The universe not only will, but must provide you with what you conceive of.”

In other words, if you complain of being in short supply of money, you’ll be offered experiences that match that thought.

Here are three tips for getting the universe to provide you opportunities:

Change your language. In Wealth Attraction System, Dan Kennedy discusses 12 mental and emotional positions that enable your subconscious system to most readily attract wealth.  One of those positions has to do with the conversations you hold. He says, “People always attracting wealth speak to themselves and converse with others differently than the vast majority of people.”

Things such as:

“Off to work I go, to pay the bills I owe.”

“I never win anything.”

“Day late, dollar short.”

…Are limiting. Never think in terms of bad luck, shortages or the way things have been. Instead stay focused on what you intend to create.

What language do you use with yourself and others? How can you change what you say to attract wealth instead?

Change your situation.  Get involved in opportunities, activities and associations that are likely to produce wealth.  Attending an event where wealthy people are likely to be in attendance puts you in an environment where you can form relationships or align yourself in some way to increase your wealth.

I’ve told the story many times about how I became aware of Dan Kennedy at a Success Seminar. I took action.  I participated in an event that aligned myself with some great ideas that produced wealth and forever changed my life.

If you want to become wealthy, look at where and who you are spending your time with. Are you hanging around people who are focused on wealth or on something else? Is there an association, mastermind group, or other event where you can meet like-minded people?

Be prepared for opportunity.  Last year at SuperConference singer/songwriter John Rich talked about how he broke into the music industry. He said he had a notebook full of songs he’d written. He’d approach famous songwriters and ask for their help, finally finding someone willing to work with him.  Think he got lucky? The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

He was prepared by having written hundreds of songs. If he just approached songwriters and asked for their help without that notebook, he would not have had the same opportunity appear.

If a successful, rich entrepreneur approached you tomorrow offering to help fund your business, would you be prepared with what you need in place to succeed?

Life holds opportunities around every corner, however if you don’t speak the language to attract them, don’t put yourself in the situation to run into them and  are not prepared when opportunity strikes, you are probably setting yourself up for “bad luck.”

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Nine Questions You Must Ask Before Creating An Information Product

By: Darcy Juarez on: February 12th, 2013


You, me everyone…

We have a voracious appetite for information.

We want information on how to do things better, faster and easier.

We want information on how to be more successful, how to be healthier, how to play guitar, how to be thinner, how to create wealth…the list goes on.

Over half of this country’s economy is on expenditures on information and information products according to an article I read recently.

However, with a demand for so much information, how do you know which niche will be successful for you when considering what information products you should sell?

I once read that 90% of success in relationships is in selecting the right partner. The same holds true for picking an information product to sell.

Here are nine questions to ask yourself when picking the topic for your next information product. Your answers will greatly increase your chances of success:

Do you really enjoy it?  Not everyone loves and has a passion for what they do even if they know it inside and out.  So although you might have expertise in a specific area, if you don’t really love and look forward to working within it, you might want to consider going with something you are really passionate about instead.

Think about what you continually gravitate towards. What do enjoy reading about and researching? Is it something you like to learn about without the promise of making money from it? Chances are if you pick a topic that you find interesting, you’ll not only enjoy creating information on the subject but it’ll also be easier for you.

Does it appeal to buyers? The key to developing an information product that people buy is picking a subject that attracts readers, gets them to drop everything and then holds their interest over the long haul.

Look for a strong  emotional connection to your product that will attract new buyers. Emotions can be good or bad.  For example, there might be a common distrust of big government or a common good of wanting to cure cancer. When you find a strong emotional connection, you are on the right track.

Is it long-lasting? It’s true you don’t know the future and what will or won’t be popular, however, you also want to make sure your topic isn’t a fad. Fads come and go which means your so will your income. In the health arena, fad diets such as the “grapefruit diet” and the “cabbage soup” diet. Hobbies are another common place you’ll find fads, such as latch hook rugs  or friendship bracelets. Sure, you could sell a book on “How To Lose Weight By Adding This Miracle Fruit To Your Diet ” and make a quick buck if your timing is right, but in the long run, fads fade and so does your money-making opportunity.

Is it usable? In order to get repeat customers, you’ll want to make sure your idea is usable. You want to make sure your information fills a need for people. For example, a newsletter about when and where restaurants are having specials (saves them money) and reviews restaurant menus is a very usable product.

Is your topic narrow enough that you can you dominate your niche? Often topics are too broad to dominate. Picking a topic like gardening or health will give you a lot of competition and make it difficult for you to dominate. However, if you narrow to say, organic vegetable gardens, you’ll have a much easier time becoming the leader in your field.

What makes you better or different than your competitors? Take the time to make a list of your competitors. What makes you better or different than them? Why would someone choose you over your competition?

Can you think of “endless” ideas you could develop for this niche? You’ll want to be able to write about multiple ideas within your niche and even have ideas for different products you could develop in order to dominate your niche.

Is it timely? Information needs to be relevant and timely to succeed. If you are too far ahead or too far behind a product’s time, it won’t do well in the long run. A publication that discusses social media for musicians, you might not want to focus on MySpace, but you would want to include YouTube and Music Clout.

Will people buy it? You can have the most relevant, timely, usable, interesting idea in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you’re wasting your time. Define who your target market is and determine how you will market and sell your product. As Dan Kennedy says, “50% of your success is in the list.” Make sure you know who your customers are and how to find them.

Ask yourself these questions before you commit to an information product to sell.  When you do, you will help you increase your chances of success and eliminate wasted time, money and frustration.

Do you have any other tips for helping pick the right topic to focus on when picking an information product to sell? If so share your ideas in the comments below.

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Discover How Others Will Buy A Product From You That They Create!

By: Darcy Juarez on: August 28th, 2012 4 Comments

Earlier today, many GKIC members took advantage of the FREE training by GKIC Expert and Advisory Board member, Jeff Walker.

The creator of the Product Launch Formula, Jeff is considered THE guy to go to when you want to launch a product or service…

ANY kind of product or service.

You could be selling guitar lessons or teaching how to carve wooden Santas…the formula works gangbusters for any product.

In fact, his formula has generated millions and millions and millions in sales for his students.

During his tele-seminar today, Jeff told his story of how he discovered his formula and revealed the EXACT process he used to create his initial Product Launch Formula–which generated $600,000 in its first week.

In a minute, I’ll give you five tips Jeff shared during his call, but first, I want to tell you a little more about how Jeff got started. You’ll want to pay close attention to his story, because in it there is a secret to how you can raise yourself to expert status in your field.

When Jeff Walker started in information marketing, he wasn’t anywhere close to being a guru. In fact, back in 1996, he started an information marketing business out of desperation…

A stay-at-home dad, he was looking for something to do that would bring him in income from home.

He says he didn’t have a clue about information marketing. He didn’t know anything about how to sell. He was even afraid to ask for the sale because he thought nobody would buy from him. And he didn’t know much about marketing either.

On a shoestring budget, without knowing anything about what he was doing, he made $10,000 in his first year.

What he discovered, after repeating his process again and again, was that his fear of asking for the sale had resulted in a powerful selling formula.   As he fine-tuned his approach, sales rose dramatically.

He then attended an Internet Marketing conference where he shared what he was doing. It was there he realized no one else in this industry was consistently generating the kind of sales he was getting.

What happened next was even more interesting. A few people he met at the conference followed Jeff’s advice, launching their own products. These launches not only created huge sales, but set the “launchers” up as gurus in their industry.  (You might even recognize some of them such as Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern to name two.)

After these new gurus experienced success, they urged Jeff to create and launch his Product Launch Formula.  The problem was that Jeff hadn’t created anything to sell. So he used what he calls a “Seed Launch” to create his product.

Since then, Jeff has taught others how to successfully create and launch products using his Product Launch Formula. To date, his formula has generated more than half of a billion dollars in sales for his students and launched not only Jeff’s expert status, but his student’s expert status too.

These days, Jeff enjoys waking up to orders in his in-box along with the freedom that provides him.

Sound like something you could learn to live with too?

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to get into Internet marketing but were stopped because:

1)      You don’t have a clue about what to sell online;

2)      You only have a few hours to spare;

3)      You only have a few dollars to start with…

Then you’ll want to carefully follow the tips Jeff revealed in today’s call. He not only shows you exactly how to quickly and easily create content…but how to figure out what your product should be. As you will soon see, his process is neither time-consuming nor expensive to do.

As I mentioned earlier, Jeff’s big secret is to do a “Seed Launch”. This works whether you have a list or don’t have a list, and whether you have a product idea or not.  It costs very little to do because all you really need is a free conference line, a way for people to opt-in, and a way to send emails.

Five tips Jeff gave during our call about doing a “Seed Launch” were:

1)  Figure out your topic. Often people have a general idea about what they could teach someone, but aren’t sure what type of product they should create. What do you know a lot about? What are you passionate about?  For example, maybe you know a lot about gardening or accounting or exercise.  Picking a topic you know about and enjoy will make it easy to talk about and help you create a successful product.

2)  Create initial emails.  You don’t have to sell anything here. Just be yourself in these emails to help attract like-minded people who will be interested in your topic.  And remember that people will be more likely to read your emails if you write more like you are telling a story about your topic to a close friend.

3)  Determine if you will charge or not. The most important thing in a “Seed Launch” is to get people who want to sign up to hear about
your topic. Jeff suggests you base your price on what your topic is along with what assets you have, such as your list size.

4)  Create a conversation with your audience. By creating a conversation about your topic with your audience, you can discover what material you should cover; what objections prospective buyers have and how to answer them; how to create a perfectly tuned product from your seed launch; and how to create a great product that will help you enjoy long-term success.

5)  Set yourself up for subsequent sales. The key to getting subsequent sales is to give really great content plus a little extra bonus for your first product. This lays the foundation for a long-term relationship with your prospects and customers.

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