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Ultimate Marketing Funnel Revealed

By: Dave Dee on: August 26th, 2014 1 Comment

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A Big Persuasion Secret You Can Learn From Hanging Out With Kids

By: Dave Dee on: July 24th, 2014 4 Comments

One of my favorite traditions is spending one on one time individually with each of my kids.

Whether it’s taking my son to a major league baseball game or taking my daughter to the theater to watch a Broadway show, I love spending time alone with each of them and being truly present when we are together.

Years ago, it wasn’t that way. I still spent one on one time with each of my kids, but not really “be with them” because I was worried about money or where my next client was coming from. I spent more time focused on worrying than on what was really important.

Now that I have systems in place that work like clockwork to attract my ideal clients, my life and income are different.

More importantly, my relationship with my children is better and even more rewarding since I now focus on them entirely during this special time with them.

There is actually a great sales and persuasion secret hidden in my story.

The key here is in the outcome—that our relationship is more rewarding.

Not only do good things happen when I’m with my children, but I find that because of this sales and persusasion secret, good stuff happens everywhere I go. For example, I’ll go to a restaurant and get a free dessert. Or I’ll go the theater and my seats will be upgraded.

How does this happen? Well, whether I’m hanging with my kids or out getting a steak at my favorite restaurant, I am very friendly, I am present, I ask questions AND I bring people into my reality. This is cool stuff so let me explain each piece of the puzzle so that you can use these techniques to make your customer relationships more rewarding.

1)      Be fully present: As I mentioned earlier, I used to not be fully present when I was spending this special one on one time with each of my kids. I was too distracted by worry.

Now, I really listen to people and am truly interested in what they have to say (whether it’s my son or a client.) When I speak to clients, I block everything else out and focus on just them.

Most people are never present. They are too busy thinking about what they are going to say or worse, their mind is completely somewhere else. People can feel when you are really listening to them and when you are pretending to listen to them.

2)      Be friendly: Not that I would be unfriendly with my kids, but when I was worried about money and my business, I could be a bit cranky at times. Smile and look people in the eyes. I mean REALLY look into the eyes of your prospects and customers. Also, project positive and fun energy. You know the guy or gal that is always positive and the life of the party—the one that everyone wants to be around? Be THAT person.

3)      Ask questions. When I’m with my kids, I ask questions that help me get to know a ton about their dreams, goals and desires.

The cornerstone of sales is asking questions. Instead of using traditional, old-fashioned sales training questions which are self-serving and highly manipulative, ask questions that are designed to learn about what your prospect wants, needs and desires on a deep level.

4)      Bring people into your reality.  After I ask questions to my kids and they open up about what is going on in their lives, I open myself up to them. For example, I might tell a story about a challenging situation I was in when working with a client or tell them an embarrassing story about something that happened to me when I was their age.  By opening myself up and sharing personal things, they not only are brought into my reality, but they feel more comfortable with opening up to me.

When talking to a prospect or customer, you can do the same thing. For instance, a dentist might tell a story about when he had to have one of his own teeth repaired or personal trainer might tell a story about being overweight and how lifting weights changed his life. When you can bring people into your own reality and share your own vulnerability, people will connect with you more.

It’s important to note that when I’m with my kids or in any situation where I’m at a restaurant, theater, etc. I’m NOT looking to get anything. I’m not trying to manipulate my kids or get people to give me free stuff.

Good stuff just happens as result of what I do. As I’ve said before, the difference between manipulation and persuasion is intent.

My intent in all of these cases was simply to have fun, make people laugh and feel good. In a selling situation your intent should be NOT to just sell your product or service at all costs, but rather to find a solution to your prospects problems and to fulfill their wants needs and desires. This will result is MORE SALES than if you focus on just selling your product.

HUGE: You want to be externally focused NOT internally focused when selling.

Re-read the four points above and you will see they are all externally focused, focused on my kids or the people I was communicating with.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Comment below.

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Top Ten Rules For Writing A Great Headline

By: Dave Dee on: July 20th, 2014 5 Comments

In the brand new course the “Power of Copy Unleashed, How To Create Offers Your Customers, Clients and Patients are Powerless to Resist” I give out my Top Ten Rules For Writing An Effective Headline.

While I don’t have time to go into all of them here, I’ll share the three rules that I see people getting wrong the most.

Before I do that thought I want to reiterate something you’ve probably heard before AND is soooooo important to really understand.  Remember…Your headline is an ad for your ad.

It doesn’t matter how stellar your copy is or how wonderful your offer is. If your headline doesn’t pull in your prospect, it DOES NOT MATTER.

Many of the best copywriters in the world spend the majority of their time writing out and testing different headlines. Simply changing your headline can increase your response rate by 300% or more.  That’s why yesterday I shared some of my favorite headline formulas.  If you missed that just click here.

There are many different formulas for writing good headlines and in “The Power Of Copy Unleashed…” I share 18 of them.  That said, you can still create your own formulas but they must follow a number of rules if you want to maximize your results.  Here are the three rules I see people breaking most often and it’s costing them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars!

First…Your name as a headline is a deadline.

Don’t use your name or your company’s name as a headline.  So many people say things like “Top Five Reasons to Shop at Dave’s Magic Shop.”  This will absolutely kill your response when you compare it to a benefit oriented headline like “Top Five Things You Must Look For In A Good Magic Shop.”  Now there are exceptions to this rule but in 99% of situations, avoid using your name, your company’s name or our product or service in the headline.

Second…Do NOT send out or hand out any piece of printed material, publish a landing page or have any advertisement that does not have a headline. Ever!  

If you’re interested in making sales and having people actually read or listen to you, then you MUST have a headline.  I’d encourage you to go to your mail pile right now and see how many ads actually contain a headline.  Most will not.  That’s why most people say get a .1% response rate is good.  Good to most websites that are truing to sell something right now and look for a headline, again, most don’t have this.  This is like sending out an e-mail without a subject line (which by the way is the headline for your e-mail.)  Never…Ever…Ever have an ad without a headline.  Print, online, video, radio, just don’t do it.

Lastly…“Quotation marks around the headline” have been shown to increase response. 

Why?  Who the heck knows?  But it works so do it.  I could share my theory here or why it works but in all honesty it really doesn’t matter why, only that it does.  Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test this, but most people aren’t going to test things so use best practices unless you find that for your audience something else works better.

Anyway, start with those three and if you’re really into learning more about creating messages that sell like crazy then check out “Power of Copy Unleashed, How To Create Offers Your Customers, Clients and Patients are Powerless to Resist” where among other things I go though all ten of my headline rules, provide 18 different headline formulas and much much more.

Until then this is Dave Dee signing off and saying “Kick Butt and Make Mucho DeeNero!”

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The Best Business Advice From Our Marketer Of The Year Finalists And Winners…

By: Dave Dee on: July 12th, 2014 1 Comment

Each year we hold a special competition that represents some of the best examples of how our members our using GKIC-style marketing to get results.

In case you aren’t familiar with our Marketer of the Year competition, the award celebrates the marketing achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs who have used GKIC-style marketing to grow their business and achieve extraordinary financial increases in their bottom line.

The winner receives thousands of dollars in cash prizes plus an all-expenses paid weekend where they get specific advice about their business from Dan Kennedy himself.

It’s always exciting to see all the different ways GKIC marketing is applied in these competitions. From professional services like doctors and dentists to brick and mortar businesses to coaches and consultants to info-marketers.

But, although the types of businesses vary, there are some universal principles that seem to crop up year after year.

Here’s some advice from past Marketer of the Year (MOY) finalists and winners:

Start with a plan. MOY Finalist Mark Mehling says he used to be a “hunter” with no plan. He says he spent most of his time doing “random acts of marketing” which caused him to waste a lot of energy and money trying to figure out what to do and how to market.

Not only was Mark able to double what he was charging clients and increase his income significantly, but he was able to trade in time-consuming “nickel and diming” problem clients for high-end, affluent prospects who understood what Mark was doing and wanted to be a part of it.

He says when he first started with GKIC, it took him some time to “get it.” But when the light bulb really went on was when he went to Fast Implementation Boot Camp.  Mark says Boot Camp gives you a plan that makes it easy to implement without having to figure that plan out for yourself.

Focus on a niche. MOY Finalist Dr. Donna Galante’s orthodontic practice was in big trouble when after steady growth from 1997 to 2007, her business suddenly tanked, losing 30% of her revenue in 12 months’ time.

She began thinking about how she could niche her practice and zeroed in on Invisalign, a proprietary orthodontic treatment which uses clear, removable teeth aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. She began implementing GKIC-style marketing like crazy and went from being one of the lowest Invisalign producers to one of the top 1% producers nationwide in 18 months.

She says that her most successful marketing strategy has been to completely revamp her customers’ experience with things such as a customized newsletter and writing a book that she distributes in offices and places visited frequently by mom’s and people who would want straight teeth.

Pick one good idea and just do it. MOY Winner Rick Schaeffer started a new medical practice and was able to grow it from zero to $1.1 million dollars per month in only 11 months’ time. He says the key to his success was massive action and commitment.

His best advice?  He says, “Pick one good idea, just one, and implement it right now. Then commit to it and keep doing it and don’t ever stop. Once you have one marketing strategy implemented, choose another and commit fully to it.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: Swipe & Deploy. MOY Winner Walter Bergeron showcased results of $1,120,197 in additional lifetime client sales within just 90 days of implementing GKIC-style marketing.

Walter attributes his success to a leap of faith he took in that what he was being taught by GKIC actually works. He says once he simply followed the instructions and swiped and deployed the marketing ideas provided by GKIC he transformed his business and experienced life-changing results very quickly.

Of course every year the biggest theme of all is Implement, Implement, Implement.

If you’d like to experience bigger success FASTER, then take the advice from our MOY winners and finalists and maybe next year I’ll see YOU in the winner’s circle.

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Five Ways To Get “Unstuck”

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 28th, 2014 5 Comments

In my mentoring and coaching work at Fast Implementation Bootcamp and Peak Performers, I get the chance to peek into the lives and businesses of our GKIC members. These members aspire to more in life, but often are somewhat at a loss on how exactly to get there. It is easy, no matter what your chosen field is, that as time passes a bit of a rut begins to form.

As you become more invested in your field and your reputation builds, it is not uncommon for that rut to become deeper and deeper. This may happen because you are set in your ways or because you’ve become more valuable in your field and so you’re not sure how to shift in a different direction.

Or maybe you are just working really hard and spinning your wheels so much you’ve dug a rut that you can’t get out of on your own.

As the rut gets deeper, many people will stay stuck. But here’s the thing. You don’t have to stay stuck. Here are 5 ways to move out of your rut…

1)      Go back to the basics. A great model to follow for this idea is sports teams. When they get in a rut, their coaches drill them on the basics such as fielding grounders or working on tackling and blocking.

Go back to the fundamentals of your business. Review why you do what you do. Evaluate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), target audience and the media you are using to spread your marketing message. Use core marketing strategies such as the ones in Magnetic Marketing. By going back to the basics, you’ll often find ways to refine and improve upon your original plan.

2)      Don’t go it alone. When it comes to GKIC-style marketing, it’s not something you see everyone doing. It can be hard to get the strategy just right or a marketing sequence tweaked to deliver the stellar results you know it can. And because it’s not necessarily “plug and play,” sometimes you need help. Don’t spin your wheels for weeks, months or even years trying to figure it out on your own. Whether it’s getting to a local chapter meeting to work with one of our certified No B.S. business advisors, attending a Fast Implementation Bootcamp, or working with one of our Dan Kennedy trained advisors in our mentoring coaching group, you have access to people who can help you move forward.

3)      Look at what others are doing OUTSIDE of your industry. The drive-thru window at fast food restaurants did not originate from within their own industry. In fact, the first business to have a drive -thru option was a bank. By looking outside their industry restaurants were able to revolutionize the way that they do business.

4)      Find stories that inspire you. Zig Ziglar said, “People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Attend a conference such as Fast Implementation BootCamp, Info-SUMMIT, or SuperConference.  Watch a video, hop on a Google Hangout or watch a live video broadcast. TED talks, reading and so on can also re-inspire and re-energize you while providing a source of information that, when acted upon, can get you unstuck.

5)      Talk to someone who motivates you. Make sure you spend your time around people who inspire and motivate you. Mentors and coaches can not only inspire, but help keep you accountable. Plus they will help you identify your roadblocks and help you create a plan to move forward quickly.

Whatever you do, don’t stay stuck. Create a vision of what you want, make a plan to get there and then utilize these tools and resources to get yourself out of the rut you’re in.

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How Do You Figure Out What Information To Sell?

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 26th, 2014 7 Comments

I’ve spent over 40 years as a serial entrepreneur and encourager of other entrepreneurs. I think all persons should be in business for themselves—at the very least working after-hours from their day job.

I also believe that every entrepreneur should look at expanding their business by adding info-marketing. I know of no other business that can provide a similar type of income and security. Never before has it been as easy, fast and inexpensive to start a business. Especially as a moonlighter.

My entire first decade (and then some) of starting and growing businesses was done without websites, without email, without fax, and even without FedEx.

It was much costlier, more cumbersome, and slower to test ideas, acquire customers, and communicate with customers. And many of my businesses were limited to local geography rather than today’s instant global reach.

Technology, resources and even more important, the savvy strategies available today make it possible for an individual in his basement to sell products into the remotest nooks and crannies across all time zones instantaneously.

The advantage from large and established entities and the barrier of high start-up capital has been removed, nearly leveling the playing field for all.

You should not underestimate the life-changing opportunity that info-marketing can provide you.

Nor should you let it slip away through procrastination, complacency, self-doubts or busyness.

There is a huge demand for information. In fact, it doesn’t take a survey to determine that the majority of searches are for information. People want to know how to do things and they want to know now.

If you know people are searching for information, then it might make sense to you that some of those people are willing to pay for it. So why shouldn’t they pay you for it?

Chances are better than good that you are already providing information to someone about something you know about. (And chances are you are giving it away free when people would gladly give you money for it.)

It could be about a hobby you enjoy such as gardening, taking photographs or traveling. It could be about your existing business—for example, how to get started in your business or how to use your products.

Figuring out what information you should sell seems to stump many people even though it is probably right under their nose.

So to make it easier, here are a few questions to help you come up with a list of possibilities:

  • What do people continually ask you about?
  • Do you have special training or knowledge that others would like to know?
  • What are your special skills or abilities?
  • What hobbies to you enjoy the most?
  • Have you been successful in your business or career where others have failed to do so?
  • What subjects do you enjoy studying and learning about most?
  • Have you ever experienced a set-back that you’ve been able to overcome?
  • Do you have potential collateral material that others would find useful such as your marketing materials or business forms?

If you are still struggling, ask your friends and family members to give their answers to these questions about you.

It’s important that you list all your ideas without worrying about whether or not they are any good. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that people tend to undervalue what they do well. So don’t discount what you know or eliminate your ideas or sell yourself short. Just get some project ideas down and evaluate them later.

If there’s a market for your idea, you can sell your information to that market. Info-marketing is formulaic which means all you need once you have an idea is to test it and to plug into the info-marketing model that is right for you.

Info-products such as books, e-books, reports, newsletters, recorded interviews, speeches, webinars, etc. that can be delivered via download or through the mail are but a few examples of how to make money from info-marketing.

But they are good examples of products that depending on how you decide to set up your info-marketing business, once you put systems in place, you can deliver this information with a click of a button, which means there is no personal involvement on your part. In fact, you can set up systems to handle everything on complete auto-pilot.

No other business or business activity offers the kinds of profit margins, yield to capital ratios, speed of progress, ability to automate to make maximum money from minimum time. None. Nada. Zip. Can you really afford to ignore this? Especially in this economy?

I have forty years of experience that says you can do this. I’m also sure you most likely have knowledge that people are willing to pay you for.  The question isn’t whether or not you should, it’s how long are you going keep passing up on the info-marketing path that can create a life-altering new, second income or, actually, incomes, plural, in very short order?

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  • Three ways I started different info-businesses from zero and made them successful (by the way, all three are perfectly useable now.)
  • How to enter a market and align yourself with it.

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Five Signs Your Business Needs Realignment

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 24th, 2014 2 Comments

It’s not surprising.

After the brutal winter we had in Chicago, pothole damage claims are at record levels and expected to top the most ever in Chicago.

Hit one of those potholes and you might later notice your car drifting to one side, shaking or any number of signs that your wheels are out of alignment.   This may not only be of safety issue, but it could lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and having to buy new tires sooner.

It started me thinking about the importance of alignment.  Not just when it comes to your car, but the functionality of your business.  Because if your “personal alignment” is out of whack, the success you crave may always be just beyond your fingertips. However, unlike your car, you may not even realize your alignment is what is causing you to steer off course, so here are five signs to look for:

1)      You’re working hard, but getting mediocre results. If you are putting the time and effort in, but not getting the results you want, it may not be for lack of trying. It could be that you are missing one key ingredient or need a slight adjustment in your mindset to radically improve your business results.

2)      You struggle to make consistent sales. If you can’t reliably predict what your sales will be each month, or if you get prospects on the hook but can’t consistently close those sales, you need to focus on this one issue with laser-like precision until it’s fixed.

3)      Your success is like a roller-coaster. If you find that your finances seem cyclical—meaning you are really profitable for a while and then you find yourself back in debt or one month your business is soaring and the next it is plummeting, this is a tell-tale sign you need your mindset realigned.

4)      You continually question your decisions. Here’s a typical example for this one: you get a hot new prospect on the hook for what could be a lucrative sale. But at the first sign of this prospect showing hesitation…such as not getting back to you right away, you start questioning whether your price is too high, you hit the right hot buttons with your prospect or if they are even interested.

You may even be quick to offer a discount to try and compensate for your uncertainty.

This is a sign that your confidence is holding you back and that it’s time to reprogram yourself and do away with the habitual thought patterns that keep landing you back in this place.

5)      Your business is NOT the dominant one in your marketplace. If your business is not leading your market and you’re doing everything you can think of to dominate then it could be a sign that you need a slight adjustment.

Keeping yourself running at peak performance so that you consistently are maximizing your profits and easily creating the business and life you want doesn’t always run on auto-pilot.

In fact, for most people that is not the case at all. We all have habits we’ve picked up from our parents and environment. Many of us were never taught the signs of trouble or even how to go about creating the life we want.

Now that you know the signs, you can identify when it’s time for you to get a “mental tune-up” to get your mind in the right place so you can kick your old bad habits or self-limiting behaviors to the curb.

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  • Plus, much, much, much more.

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How can Planning A Vacation Help You Create A More Profitable Business?

By: Dave Dee on: June 19th, 2014 4 Comments

I hope you are enjoying your summer. If you are like a lot of people I know, you are excited that school’s out and you’ve got big plans for a fun-filled summer. You might even have a vacation planned that you’re counting down the days until you leave.

The funny thing is that often people give a great deal more thought to planning their vacations than they do to mapping out long-term success for their business. Which is why you can learn a lot about how to create a more profitable business from looking at how to plan a successful and enjoyable vacation.

Plan in advance.  The best vacations are mapped out in advance. Even if you don’t have all the details in place, you have some of the big ones in place such as when and where you are going and some of the big attractions you’ll want to see. The most successful marketing campaigns are mapped out in advance too, even if you don’t have all the information at the start of your planning.

Even beginners can be wildly successful. Do you remember the first vacation you ever planned? You didn’t let the fact that you were a “beginner” or that you weren’t a professional travel agent stop you from booking a trip.  And I imagine you plan trips without a travel agent now too. The same holds true for marketing funnels. You don’t have to be a technology wizard to create marketing funnels. In fact, even a complete beginner can do this, so don’t let that stop you.

Get things in the right order. You wouldn’t book a hotel or airfare before you knew where you were going, right? Before you start planning out your marketing funnel, figure out what your perfect customer lifecycle is for a long term relationship with you. Determine what you will do to acquire him, what you will do to retain him and how you will extend your relationship with him. When you do this first, you’ll find it much easier to map out funnels and you’ll also reap much better results.

Focus on the important stuff. When you go on vacation it’s impossible to hit every attraction, restaurant and do everything you want. However, when you take the time to look at what’s available and prioritize the important places and events, you’ll have a much better trip. The same goes with marketing funnels. When you make sure to include the key points you know will work, then you are sure to develop a much more profitable funnel.

Start small. You probably didn’t plan a month long vacation your first time out, right? It’s better to start off developing a small funnel and build it up from there. That way you don’t get overwhelmed and you are much more likely to get a “win” under your belt.

When you map out your business, you’ll find that you can take full advantage of business opportunities to gain leads and sales. Plus you’ll feel less stress and be much more profitable.

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Are You In The Right Mindset To Succeed?

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 17th, 2014 3 Comments

One of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever learned is about mindset.

It helps me understand…

How to deal with success.
How to deal with failure.
Why I give up at times after a failed attempt.
Where my perfectionist side comes from…

…among other things.

Your mindset drives every aspect of your life from your business to how you sell your products and services to your relationships and more.

Carol Dweck, a leading expert in motivation and psychology, discovered that everyone has one of two mindsets.

In a nutshell, people with a fixed mindset believe you either have talent and ability or you don’t.  People with a growth mindset believe that talents and ability can be developed and are built over time.

Defining which you are isn’t as simple as you might think because while you might be a growth mindset in one area of your life, you could be a fixed mindset in another – which could cause you to sabotage your results in other areas of your life.

For example, you might have the growth mindset about a new technology you are using in your business trying to learn everything you can about how to use it, but have a fixed mindset about how to market your business because your industry has been doing it a certain way for years.

Apply the growth mindset and you’ll achieve results. Apply the fixed mindset and you’ll become stagnant and may even quit.

The good news is that you have the power to drastically improve your life and your level of success by changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Once you’re aware of your mindset and apply some simple techniques you’ll start noticing results quickly.

Here are five steps that will help you change to a growth mindset starting today:

1)      Look for opportunities to learn and grow every day. When you are in the growth mindset, you believe that if you aren’t growing and learning, you are failing. So by taking the challenge to learn something new every day, you’ll always feel successful and build your growth mindset too.

2)      Make a vivid plan. Make a specific plan of when, where and how you will make opportunities work for you. When you have a concrete plan, it will help keep you moving in the right direction.

3)      Deal with setbacks and obstacles. If you don’t meet the goals or deadlines in your plan, don’t quit. Instead make a new plan by asking yourself, when, where and how you will make capitalize on your opportunities. Don’t let a lot of time pass by before doing this. Should you miss a milestone, immediately  make a new plan for reaching your goal.

4)      Do it! No matter how you feel –even if you feel bad, depressed or upset…continue to look for opportunities to grow every day. This helps you to take charge of your success and will help you learn to view obstacles in a positive light instead of having them throw you a curve that stops you in your path.

5)      Ask yourself what you can do to keep growing. Once you reach a goal, set another and ask yourself what you can do to continue to grow.

Transition to a growth mindset in every area of your life and you’ll learn how to keep moving forward even when you have setbacks. You’ll find you achieve more and what once seemed impossible will be within your grasp.

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Five Ways To Get More Referrals

By: Dave Dee on: May 29th, 2014 1 Comment

On Tuesday, Darcy told you about the leak in your business that is causing you to lose customers (and money) without you even realizing it. (If you missed it, you can read Is Your Business Leaking Profits? here.)

A popular response to this is: “Why aren’t I getting referrals?”

The short answer is that you are most likely using networking strategies or salesman techniques that just don’t work. This is completely understandable. It’s what we observe over and over again.

For example, you go to a meeting with a networking opportunity. What do you do? Typically you give your 30-second “commercial” and you exchange business cards, right? I mean that is what we are taught to do.

And sure you’ve learned some good strategies from GKIC so you are more effective than the average person. You know better than to be “one of those annoying salespeople” who just goes around trying to peddle their wares to anybody and everybody. In fact, you know a great deal more. You know how to target your ideal prospect and have an offer on the business card you give out.

So what gives?

Well, there could be a few reasons such as forgetting to ask, focusing on the wrong people, having no systems in place, or putting pressure on customers unknowingly.

Here are five things you can do to increase your referrals.

1)      Focus on the right relationships. It’s impossible to have great relationships with every person you meet. I mean who has the time? That’s why you need to be selective about where you focus your relationship energy.  For example, you wouldn’t spend the same energy on a customer who has only purchased one entry level item from you in the last year as you would a CEO who has purchased your product for every employee at his company.

2)      Put referral mechanisms in place. You already know that you don’t have time to build quality relationships with everyone; however you can put mechanisms in place such as follow up campaigns to help nurture and develop relationships so that you can have more of these quality relationships referring you.

3)      Make people comfortable giving you referrals. One of the most important things to remember is that people don’t like to feel like they are “selling” their friends to you.

Offering an inducement or a bribe in exchange for names not only makes people uncomfortable, but may cause people to question the quality of your goods and services.

Also, some of your customers want to refer you, but don’t know how to approach their friends and family. By giving them easy ways to refer you without making it feel like you are paying them to do so, you will receive more and better referrals.

4)      Ask. If you learn how to properly ask your customers for help, they will enthusiastically help promote your products and services. Because while people don’t ask if you want help promoting your products and services, when giving the chance, they enjoy telling others about things they try and like.

5)      Show appreciation. People like to be appreciated. When you show appreciation properly, people will be pleased, won’t feel guilty and will more willingly refer you the next time you ask. Remember to thank your customers for their help and referrals. Let them know when one of their referrals works out and give them an update on what happened. For example, “the customer you referred, Mrs. Smith, just came in for her first appointment on Tuesday.”

Generating referrals takes a well-designed strategy, a system that reliably operates, and consistent effort to maintain.  But the pay-off is worth it. Referrals are one of the highest probability and most profitable sources of new customers. Eliminate the worn out salesman techniques you use by chance and replace them with purposeful well-designed strategies instead.

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