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Build a Strong Info-Business in 12 Ways

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 29th, 2013 4 Comments

I’m Dan Kennedy, and I have an unusual message for you.

I’d like to talk with you about real security in an insecure world. You’ll have to bear with me, as I meander a bit in getting to the point. But I promise, it will be worth it. At the upcoming 2013 Info-SUMMIT, I am going to reveal a GREAT FINANCIAL SECRET, and one that I have not spoken about as I will here, anywhere else, at any time!

You see… 40 years ago, a very young man placed his first magazine ad and orders arrived in the mail, and those buyers ordered again from the sales letter sent with the low-priced product they’d ordered, and when it was all said and done, he’d made a few thousand dollars. And he was hooked.

That was me.

I’ve had a lot of highs and lows in this business over these 40 years.

But nothing quite compares with The First Time.

The first time you realize you can make money materialize from the heady chemistry of ideas and the written word, and nothing more – that’s really something.

That is, of course, routine now. Formulaic. You’ve probably heard me talk about the ‘income at will’ position, and John Lennon’s quote about sitting down to write a swimming pool.

Being in this position is real security. (More about that in a minute.)

And I’ve gotten there without any talent like John’s – just highly developed skill. Maybe you’re there too. If not, you certainly can be. The world of info-marketing offers such opportunity to just about anyone.

Come Inside This Secret World

This is a ‘secret world’, for most people are unaware of it, or see it but do not comprehend what they see. When they see the P90X fitness TV infomercial, they do not realize millions are being made with information right before their very eyes.

Last year, a friend of mine mailed over 8-million sales letters, sold over 240,000 books on a health topic, and pocketed net income of more than $4-million. 240,000 people bought that book from a sales letter. Few grasped they were seeing info-marketing ANYONE with an interest or passion about a subject, with know-how or experience in any business or field, can do.

Even entrepreneurs involved with pieces ‘n parts of info-marketing fail to understand it as we do and as you can, in the GKIC world of info-marketing.

Each year, once a year, GKIC swings the doors to this ‘secret world’ open wide and invites folks to c’mon on in…And they do.

Each year, successful owners of all kinds of businesses, doctors, lawyers, chimney sweeps come, discover, and turn around and launch exciting, profitable info-businesses of their own. People like Marty Fort, with a thriving music academy, now with a great second income, packaging and selling his know-how to other school owners.

Ben Glass, with a seven figure second income from info-marketing to his peers in the legal profession, while still running a fine law practice. ASK BEN ABOUT THE WONDERFUL CHARITY HE’S BEEN ABLE TO CREATE AND FUND THANKS TO HIS INFO-MARKETING “SIDE BUSINESS”.

Nelson Searcy, a pastor with his own churches, but also a publishing company, and the #1 coaching program on church marketing. ASK NELSON ABOUT THE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS MADE POSSIBLE BY HIS “SIDE BUSINESS” IN INFO-MARKETING.

There are those who dominate niches without ever having a business in them, like Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, with auto dealers, or Rory Fatt, with restaurants. JIMMY AND TRAVIS WILL RE-TRACE THEIR REMARKABLE JOURNEY WITH YOU AT THE INFO-SUMMIT.

There’s incredible diversity in these info-businesses. Lily Noon, feng shui; Mike McGroaty, backyard gardening for fun ‘n profit; Arlene Eakle, geneaology.

Countless people have come through these doors merely curious and emerged millionaires. This is real.

Even vendors, manufacturers, ad specialty sellers transform into info-marketers as they engage in our world. Keith and Travis Lee at, started as sellers of promotional merchandise, but have become accomplished info-marketers, with courses, turn-key done for you packages, and Keith has begun, this year, a new, additional info-business.

Even people with “pasts” have re-birthed, with my kind of info-marketing.

A client, Stephen Snyder, turned his catastrophic and humiliating bankruptcy into the basis for a “Credit After Bankruptcy” publishing, seminar and coaching business with hundreds of thousands of customers and major-name corporate sponsors.

A friend, a former “infamous Madam”, Sydney Barrows, has created two coaching businesses. I, myself, very early in my business life, crashed and burned financially, and started over with what little I then knew about info-marketing, in a tiny apartment, with my only help from my cat who licked stamps. Info-marketing cares nothing about anyone’s past.

Each year, top professional info-marketers with 6-figure and 7-figure incomes, with large businesses, gather here at the Info-SUMMITSM, to re-charge, to re-invent, to meet up with and exchange information with and create business alliances with other top info-marketer, and at times, to lift up someone new with the power of their platforms. Often, people meet at this Info-Summit, and find ways to aid each other or cooperate for profit. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL MEET!

The annual Info-SUMMITSM is always important and pregnant with opportunity and amazing discoveries.

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A Better Way To Plan For Retirement

By: Darcy Juarez on: July 9th, 2013 3 Comments

The other day some friends were talking about planning for retirement.

Their financial planner gave them the “number” they need to have saved in order to retire. Based on what they are saving per year now, their predicted expenditures, average life expectancy and other factors, they will have to work into their mid-sixties at a minimum.

They were kind of bummed and were trying to figure out what they could do to retire earlier.

Maybe you’ve been through this exercise too.

It can be discouraging, especially if you find out your “number” is say, $2 Million and you only have a couple hundred grand in your retirement savings plan.

Plus with so many variables in retirement planning, it’s unrealistic to think that a single number can truly reflect how much you’ll need in 10 or 20 years. I mean even if you could make such a projection accurately, it’s possible that health care costs, regulations, medical problems or a few other assumptions could significantly alter your “number.”

A recent article in the New York Times discussed that people are moving overseas seeking cheaper places to live and less expensive health care. It also discussed the fact that “working retirements” are gaining traction.

The article stated that, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an increasing number of retirees, who can expect to live longer, healthier lives, are choosing to work in retirement, at least part-time, typically for fear of outliving their money or to keep active and engaged.”

Even those living abroad are following this trend.

So what are people doing? They are teaching English, working as a translator, leading English speaking tours, or working in hotels that cater to English speaking travelers. Others are starting small businesses like restaurants, art galleries, shops, bed-and-breakfasts and small hotels.

But there’s a better way to plan for and enjoy your retirement.

I’ve seen people hit their “number” in a year or less on this plan.

I’ve also seen many take early retirement.

And I’ve seen people follow the trend and enjoy a “working retirement.”

Except this working retirement doesn’t require being tied down. You don’t have to answer to a boss. And you don’t have to be chained to business that requires you to be there day in, day out, like a shop, restaurant, bed-n-breakfast or other establishment does.

You don’t have to live abroad to save money, although you can if you’d like to.

You can do what you really enjoy—what you really love and are passionate about.

For many, it feels more like play than work, because they are enjoying what they are doing so much.

For some, $50,000 a year is good. Others make a $100,000 or more. And yet others make (often for the first time in their lives) a million or more a year.

It’s a passive income stream—which means they can set it up and work on it when they want, yet it will still make them money even when they want to take some time off to travel, spend time with friends and family, or whatever.

So what is this better way to plan for and enjoy your retirement?


What’s your number? Are you anywhere close to reaching it? Would you like to reach it faster?

Are you worried about having to work longer than you want?

Are you concerned about what will happen if you get sick and can’t continue working?

Do you think you’ll have to continue working into your retirement?

If you have any of these concerns, then now is the time to explore info-marketing and launch your own “working retirement plan.”

This is something that is easily done alongside another business. In fact, many start small and work just a few hours a week on building their info-marketing business slowly.

Everyone fixates on that big savings target. Everyone worries if they will outlive their retirement savings. And while it may be that the solution is a “working retirement,” you can enjoy a retirement with the time and money freedom you need. The right ticket is to set up an info- marketing business. And if you want to retire even sooner, set up your info-marketing business this year. Who knows… maybe you’ll be like some of our GKIC members who’ve reached their “number” in a year or less from when they set up their info-business.

NOTE:  Dr. Tom Orent is a retired dentist. His working retirement makes him more money than he ever made as a dentist. He worked as a dentist for 22 years before selling his business. Before he retired he says he was able to enjoy dentistry again right up until the end because with Dan’s help he was able to transform his practice into doing only the things he wanted to do.

The first year he implemented his “working retirement” plan alongside his full time dentistry practice, he made in the six figures (not including what he made in his dentist practice.) Now he makes in the millions each year from this plan—working when he wants, where he wants and very simply.

You can learn exactly how Dr. Orent did it and how you can do it too.

If you are ready to learn a better way to retire or would like to enjoy a “working retirement” sooner rather than later, go here:

Set Off The Fireworks & Join The Global Independence Movement

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 4th, 2013 No Comments

Today in the U.S. we celebrate Independence Day.

While this means a lot of different things to people, for the business owner “independence” is what we all should strive for. It means working when you please, where you please, as you please.

There are, of course, more ways than one to do this. But if you want the quickest way to transform your life and business and are eager to join the global movement that is changing the way industries and professionals do business for the better, there is just one place to go…


In every field, target market or community, there are one or more stand-out income champions who enjoy an income far, far, far greater than all their peers and competitors—and usually receive that income with far less anxiety, struggle, or effort.

As if they are “blessed,” they are able to attract and exercise total control over their business and life. They attract a steady stream of clients without cold prospecting or other “grubby activity.” They are more respected, more prominent, and they have more pleasant business lives.

They live wherever they want and live life to its fullest. Why does this strange mystery exist? Why are there a few who have such a superior income and better businesses than all others?

My entire 40 years’ work has been about solving that mystery, cracking the code, in a useable way, leading to reliable strategies.

As I said, there are, of course, a number of answers and factors. But the best way I know how, the way that does not discriminate –that works for ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds, walks of life, businesses, and interests who have created extraordinary incomes, lifestyles, wealth and positive influences on others, from scratch, in most cases very quickly, and in some cases with limited resources is… info-marketing.

I have personally met and known info-marketers that are highly educated and barely educated. I’ve met young ones and old ones. Some are brilliant, some are anything but. Some are pretty good writers, some can’t write a grocery list. Some come from successful businesses, others do not.

There are no pre-qualifications to get into this business-nor are there pre-qualifications for you to become that stand-out champion, enjoying million-dollar-a-year + income and multi-million dollar wealth.

Even if you don’t strive to be one of these stand-out people, there are benefits from adding info-marketing to your income stream line-up.

There are eight types of people who should consider adding info-marketing and should attend this eye-opening, life-changing, income-producing Info-SUMMIT event:

1)      Any small business owner who needs increased sales, increased profits, or fast cash flow improvement.

2)      Any person who is looking for an easily repeated step-by-step strategy and structure of a successful business model that is capable of generating a million to a few million dollars a year or more and can be run by one person or more (depending on your desires).

3)      Anyone looking for a business model that can be run from anywhere, from your kitchen table to a balcony overlooking the most scenic view to your kid’s soccer practice.

4)      Perhaps you’re already a darned good entrepreneur, your business is successful and profitable, but you know in your heart that there must be “hidden opportunities” you’re missing only because you are “too close to it” and can’t look at your business with fresh eyes.

5)      You’re an innovative business owner interested in dramatically changing or re-inventing your business marketing a new product or service, expanding or diversifying.

6)      You’re someone who knows you could make more money, if only you could “clone yourself” or if you are tired of trading dollars for hours and want a way to multiply your income without having to multiply your efforts.

7)      You want to start a business or increase your business, but have little resources to do so.

8)      Anyone who is looking for part-time income or ‘retirement’ income and wishes to work only part-time hours.

People need information to do just about anything…to solve a problem, get from point A to point B, find a job. YOU have information people want right now. In fact, you are probably giving away valuable information right now, free.

Why not use that information to help pave a path to your independence?

Information marketing is one of the simplest businesses. In fact, as an example, it’s as simple as creating an e-book—which you can do quickly, simply and inexpensively—and you get to keep 100% of the profits as you don’t have printing or shipping costs. Plus, you typically can charge anywhere from $19 to $79 for a single e-book.

If you want the clearest, straightest, simplest path I know to Independence, this is it.

Happy Independence Day. I hope this is the year you celebrate yours.

*** What’s HOT at GKIC TODAY***

This year’s event will be different than any Info-SUMMIT we’ve ever done…or will ever do. Marking my 40th anniversary in this business, GKIC is throwing a 40th Anniversary Party that will bring some of the biggest and best info-marketers around. This is your opportunity to network with and “rub shoulders” with 6 and 7 figure marketers.

And because it’s my 40th anniversary, GKIC has pulled out all the stops to deliver the best Info-SUMMIT ever—complete with a star-studded line-up of successful “in the trenches” info and Internet marketers.

Plus, in addition to my two presentations, I’ll be doing a third presentation—an extended 3 ½ hour ‘seminar within a seminar’ on the 7 secret sorceries of mind-control copy. This seminar alone could multiply your investment over and over againregardless of whether you are in info-marketing or not.

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The Most Important Business Breakthrough In My Life…Could It Be Yours Too?

By: Dave Dee on: July 2nd, 2013 6 Comments

People often ask me about big breakthroughs in my life.

If you’re at all familiar with my story, you may think I’m going to talk about how, from the age of eight, I dreamed of becoming a professional magician …

And how my dream didn’t really take off until I purchased Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing  program.

It’s true, that was a big moment in my life. It had a huge impact on my income and allowed me to pay off all my debts.  I went from doing three shows a month to averaging 30 shows a month – by my fourth month I ended up booking 57 shows.

But that’s not what I want to talk to you about today.

What I want to talk to you about today is the big, BIG Breakthrough I had right after I booked those 57 shows.

You see, it was then when I realized what I was really doing was trading time for dollars. I was living my dream, but I was limited by what I could do. I couldn’t really do more than 57 shows a month, nor did I want to. And then another thing got me thinking…

What if something happened to me? What would happen if I broke my leg or got sick? I started thinking about the fact that if I couldn’t go out and do the shows, I wouldn’t be making any money whatsoever.

That’s when Dan Kennedy said to me, “You should package how you did your marketing to book so many shows and sell it to other magicians.”

So I took Dan’s advice and placed a small ad in one of the four trade magazines for magicians. Before long, I made my first sale. At first I thought this information business would be a nice little residual income in addition to my shows. But sitting at home getting checks in the mail turned out to be a lot better deal than working all the time.

Personally I didn’t have a lot of money, so I started with a tiny $65 ad. I picked the number one trade magazine for magicians and placed my ad that said something like, “If you want to book more magic shows, call…”

I had a toll-free recorded message that offered a free report, which was really a sales letter. I mailed the sales letter that told my story about how I was a professional magician that could book more shows than anyone else in the business.

For people that didn’t respond to my first sales letter, I followed up with a second letter at day 14 and a third letter on day 28.

When that first ad worked, I expanded it to a half page ad and then to a full page ad in the same magazine. Then I did the exact same thing in the other three magician trade journals.

The second part, of course, was to create the product. Because once I knew people were interested, I had to make available to them the product I promised in the sales letter – a course that included six audio cassettes.

I didn’t have any professional recording equipment, just a little clip-on microphone I bought at Radio Shack and my home stereo system.

The cord for the microphone was so short I had to lie on the floor next to my stereo to make my recordings. To duplicate my tapes, I used boom boxes.

As time went on, I created more and more products and built my customer base. I became known in the magic business as the marketing guru guy. And I built the value of my business enough to where someone wanted to buy it. So I sold my business and went on to create other information businesses.

This grew to people wanting to pay me large sums of money to license my program in order to adapt it to their industry and sell it in their own niche and much, much more.

That $65 dollar ad and sales letter turned out to be not only one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever had, but it changed my life completely.

I discovered that with just one simple ad that made an offer matched with the right audience, I could live a better, more secure lifestyle with more independence.

Two things you can take away from this: one, even small steps can create big breakthroughs. Two, info-marketing leads to an independent lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do if something happens to you and you are unable to work.

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4 Steps To Making Extra Money Every Month Doing What You Love

By: Darcy Juarez on: June 27th, 2013 4 Comments

Steve always wanted to live on a farm, grow flowers and raise bees.

It was a long-time dream…but to him it was just that, a dream.

He was chained to his 9-to-5 job working in the area he’d gotten his masters in… computer technology.

Although he made very good money, he hated being trapped at his desk. But he needed money to support his family and he didn’t see much money in growing flowers and raising bees. Neither did his family.

For fun, Steve started creating websites about things he was interested in. He started making a little money and started paying for things like vacations and other “nice to have” luxury items.

But then he had an idea. Maybe he could use the money he was earning to buy that farm he wanted—so he could turn his dream into a reality.

Well, a few years ago Steve did just that. He bought a farm and some bees. Quit his 9-to-5 job and exchanged his long commute in traffic to a short walk from his house out to his garden.

He still makes money from his websites. And he knows if he needs more money for something, he can just email his list with a new offer.

While growing flowers may not be your dream, I’m guessing you have a dream of your own…one that doesn’t involve slaving away, hoping you’ll have enough money to retire one day so you can do what you really want.

People always ask me what’s the easiest, fastest way to make money. The short answer is to do what Steve did. And I’m not talking about creating websites.

What I’m talking about is what Steve really does—he markets information.

Here are four of the basic steps for getting started.

Step one: Figure out what information you want to market. To keep it fun and easy, use the knowledge you already have to create information products to sell.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows a lot about something. So think about what interests or hobbies you have. Consider the business you are in—are there opportunities to provide information to your clients or colleagues?

Think about what people always ask you about, things you’ve overcome, or successes you’ve had in life that others find difficult to achieve.

Information that shows you how to improve your skills or provide training are very popular as are financial tips, business and moneymaking information, health and fitness and travel/entertainment sites.

But your topic can really be about anything. Painting, gardening, entertainment in your city, something you’re an expert in, a hobby, or a topic where there is a shortage of good information available online.

In fact, I remember reading a story that appeared in the Chicago Tribune about a guy who loved playing Santa Claus and couldn’t find any websites with information about where to see Santa in Chicago. So he created a website with information about where and when you could see Santa in Chicago complete with tips and information such as where to get your photo taken with Santa. The website has brought him a lot of press and I’m sure a lot more bookings.

Step two: Evaluate your idea. After you’ve thought about what you want to market, it’s always a good idea to find out if there is actually a market for it. This way you don’t spend a lot of time creating a product only to find out no one will buy it.

Step three: Decide on the best way to deliver your information. There are dozens of ways to do this. Some of the more popular ways are through:

  • Reports, e-books, or books
  • Pre-made templates
  • Newsletters
  • Directories of information
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos
  • Software
  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Membership sites

Keep in mind that you can use more than one of these ways to deliver your information, but you’ll want to pick one to start with.

Step four: Create your product. Once you’ve determined your topic, evaluated that there are people who will buy it, and know how you will deliver the information, you’ll want to create your product. Don’t worry though, it’s much easier than you think, and can be done as quickly as in a day.  Especially if you use the swipe and deploy method we often refer to and model after a successful info-marketer. (You’ll find 7 different complete, examples for successful info-publishing models in a totally FREE live-training Dan Kennedy’s doing Monday Called “Essential Internet Marketing Truths” click here to register for this one-time…never to be replayed Free event now!)

For Steve, info marketing helped him create the dream life he always wanted. Most of us trade our time for money, always thinking “someday” you’ll have time to live the life you want. This is an opportunity to start living that life now.

With no inventory, and low cost and low risk, you can create your information product once and continue to sell it again and again. Some information products sell year after year, decade after decade, creating serious residual income.

Not only can this be very lucrative, you can keep it running on autopilot or with minimal direct involvement. And the best part is, you can do it alongside your business or use it to transform your existing business into a much more profitable one.

NOTE: If you want to know how to make money alongside your business or enhance your existing business, I can’t think of anyone better to model than Dr. Orent whom you have the very rare opportunity to hear speak. (Find out more here)

Dr. Orent was on the verge of losing his dental practice and even his home when he started his info-marketing business in 1997. Within in three years, he paid off every lease and loan and even paid off the mortgage on his office building to become debt-free. Not only that, he was able to earn more than double the full year, full-time income of an average dentist while only working 40 days per year in his practice.

You can find out exactly how he did it, from day one until now, and how he runs an exceptionally high income business from a small numbers, simply managed business at this year’s Info Summit.

Plus, this year we are holding a very special celebration honoring Dan’s 40 years in this business.

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Independence For Sale. Who’s Buying?

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 25th, 2013 No Comments

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us.”

—Stephen Pressfield, American author

According to USA Today, the first newspaper printing (dated July 6, 1776) of the Declaration of Independence will be auctioned off next Tuesday.

The Declaration of Independence, of course, documents the United States’ reasons for declaring freedom from Britain. It states that all men have certain rights…and that should the government become destructive of these rights, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

I’ve heard of business owners creating their own “Declaration of Independence” stating what they believe their business should provide for them…

Wealth is the most obvious thing.

But obviously there’s more to it than that…

People want a business that holds their interest.  A business that keeps you involved and gives you an opportunity to keep getting better at what you do.

A business that gives you a sense of accomplishment…a feeling that you are making a difference …and brings you satisfaction and happiness.

But the number one “Declaration of Independence item” people say they want from their business?


Wouldn’t you agree?

You want the freedom to do as you please, work with who you want, when you want and where you want…and to have the financial security that lets you do that.

But what often happens is that business owners, even if they declare freedom as their number one goal, end up burning the candle at both ends. They work long and hard like a dog and even if the accomplishment, the being in charge, the making a difference, the money is there …all of it…the freedom is missing.

So the #1 thing they set out to accomplish is absent. And they’re afraid to change anything because they are afraid of risking what they mistake as “security.” The truth is, if you are doing all the work, or are very closely tied to it, then you don’t really have security.

Because what happens if you can’t do the work? What happens if you get sick? Or need to take time off to help family and you aren’t available to do all the work? Then what?

What happens if regulations change causing changes to your business? Then what?

Or what if your products or services become antiquated?  Then what?

In the movie, The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters find themselves out of work when the watch company they work for closes.  The owner says no one buys watches anymore, they use their cell phones to see what time it is. The product became outdated.

That’s why if you are in business to get more out of life and experience true security and freedom, you have to create and design your own declaration of independence correctly. Because if you don’t, you’ll work hard, grow your business and end up a slave to your own business and any significant amount of time off will cause your business to fail. Or things will change and you’ll need to figure out how to change with the times.

While hard work is admirable and needed to grow a business, it’s not what gives you security and freedom.

What you really need to be clear on is understanding what you really want and what it truly takes to create that.

I’ve seen people wait to do this—wait until they lose their business or their health fails or their family falls apart, and that’s when they seek changes—out of desperation and when their back is up against the wall.

I wrote about this great financial secret and the best way I know to avoid this from happening to you in some detail on pages 12 to 15 here, but the short answer is that you must break free from the work-money dependency link. You must have the ability to manifest money. Because being able to create money at will, gives you real security. And having real security creates true independence, freedom from worry and freedom from financial struggles.

The newspaper print of the first Declaration of Independence is estimated to sell for $750,000. How much is gaining your independence worth to you?

NOTE: What does your declaration of independence look like? And how much is your independence worth to you? If you’re ready to take the steps to creating your ideal life or at least are curious about how others have done it, you don’t want to miss Info-Summit 2013.

If you DON’T want to feel overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid…if you DON’T want so many responsibilities that they keep you away from your family…if you DON’T want a business that is overly reliant on one stream of income…if you DON’T want a business where you have to worry about what will happen if you are unable to work for a period of time…then you owe it to yourself to check this out.

We are opening the doors and letting you inside—to see how others do it—and see how you can too. Come ask questions and find out not only if it’s right for you, but find out exactly how the most successful businesses do it.

Register here now or call 1-800-871-0147 to speak with a GKIC concierge.

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Six Tips For Using This Shortcut To Success Tool

By: Darcy Juarez on: March 14th, 2013 3 Comments

Last week at the Fast Implementation Boot Camp, I witnessed the magic of networking.

Connections were made, budding friendships and accountability partners started, alliances were formed, and even some possible joint-ventures emerged… all through networking.

Networking is one of the best ways to make powerful connections that can propel your business forward and shortcut your path to success.

Of course, there are tons of opportunities for networking, (too many, actually) some better than others.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t want to end up with a stack of business cards you’ll never look at again or spend time in a room with non-decision makers who are schmoozing you.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your networking encounters:

Find learning environments. Business card exchanges and other networking focused events are high pressure. People are there to meet others for the purpose of doing business, which means their defenses are up. Educational events, such as seminars, conferences and bootcamps are more relaxed, therefore defenses are lower. People are more at ease.  Plus, because the most successful people are continually learning, you are more likely to meet high quality like-minded contacts..

Start conversations. Don’t wait for someone to come to you. Sit next to someone you don’t know or cross the room to talk to someone. Strike up a conversation with the person standing in line next to you. Find out what they are working on or trying to accomplish. A simple conversation can turn into ideas, alliances, new business, referrals, joint-ventures, and a host of other opportunities.

Focus on making quality contacts, not quantity. The goal should not be to meet as many people as possible, it should be to build quality relationships. If you are in a conversation that is going well, stick with it rather than trying to move on to meet more people. That said, don’t hang with one person the entire time.

Do more listening than talking. Ask a lot of questions, then listen and respond to what you hear. By listening you may find you can provide a solution they are looking for.

Do your research. Find out about the speakers and what their specialties are before you attend an event. Pick a couple that you want to meet who work in something related to your field, have a similar business set-up or might be able to answer a question or help you with what you are working on. Then seek these people out. To prepare write down three intelligent questions about your most pressing matters. For example, if you are attending SuperConference and have a brick and mortar business you might want to seek out extraordinary entrepreneurDonna Krech with 25 years’ experience, a thriving local brick and mortar business, a national coaching and franchise business, and a direct-to-consumer products business. She is sure to have plenty of answers about what it takes to make your business ultra-successful.

Write down what you are looking for before you go. Are you looking for someone to give you feedback on an idea you have? Similar businesses to compare promotions? A good “power partner” for referrals? An affiliate or joint-venture partner? Advice about a particular business problem? When you take the time to define what you are looking for from networking, you’ll ask better questions and get much better results.

Armed with these ideas, you’ll be able to brilliantly network and use these opportunities to blast your business forward.

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Are You Hunting In The Wrong Place?

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 12th, 2013 9 Comments

I’ve been in the advice dispensing business for 40 years.

Throughout my career I’ve been paid millions and millions of dollars by CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, even my peers, professional speakers, authors and consultants.

Whether the economy is good or bad, I remain fully booked and in demand.

On occasion I have run up against ‘professional norms and guidelines’ dictated by some association or certifying organization, and had my fees and the fees I recommend others charge criticized. Some say they are unethical, some say they are impossible to receive.

Nevertheless, I’m fully booked with demand left over.

And people I’ve guided routinely command premium prices in return for their products and services.

I’m not telling you this to brag.  My ego doesn’t need the boost.

I’m telling you this to let you know that these sort of opportunities exist and are there for the taking by people who may have never dreamed they could command such, “aggressive compensation.”

(I reveal how I’ve done this in detail in my course Super Powers of Price Elasticity which right now you can try for just a single dollar by clicking here!)

And at no time is it more critical than right now thanks to the rising costs of marketing and customer acquisition and the overabundance of marketing streams fighting for people’s attention.

Right now you may be asking yourself, “Given the habits of consumers seemingly flocking to pay the lowest price is it still possible to find consumers willing to pay top rates?”

It is, I assure you. In fact, I guarantee that hugely valuable customers exist for every business. It may just be you’re looking in the wrong place.

The truth is if you lack the kind of customers, clients or patients I’m talking about, you are most likely lacking specific customer focus and using ineffective approaches that are dangerous to your business’ long-term survival.

Amir Karkouti, owner of a successful group of restaurants in San Diego and an author, speaker and mentor to other restaurant owners wrote this letter…

“It wasn’t that long ago that my restaurants were going to fail and I was losing hope. I spent the last money I had to go to the SuperConference, and I went home determined to utilize everything I learned from you and all the other marketers.

I went straight to work. I got lists, created letters, improved my copywriting.

I realized that my business wasn’t failing—I was failing at marketing it.

Amir says since that time his restaurants are booming. He’s been written up in publications, began speaking to and coaching other restaurant owners, and written a book on how restaurant owners can market their business to explode their profits. He developed a Marketing System that includes a turn-key, automated email marketing program, the “4X2 SECRET”- which brings customers back 4 times within 2 weeks and The Restaurant Sales Letter Template.

Amir used specific-customer focus—targeting the right customers—and combined that with effective marketing strategies to get him out of peril and onto a prosperous path.

Any business owner can attract higher value customers and clientele. Ask yourself, if you could double your net profit, without getting any more customers, wouldn’t you want to do it?

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Nine Questions You Must Ask Before Creating An Information Product

By: Darcy Juarez on: February 12th, 2013


You, me everyone…

We have a voracious appetite for information.

We want information on how to do things better, faster and easier.

We want information on how to be more successful, how to be healthier, how to play guitar, how to be thinner, how to create wealth…the list goes on.

Over half of this country’s economy is on expenditures on information and information products according to an article I read recently.

However, with a demand for so much information, how do you know which niche will be successful for you when considering what information products you should sell?

I once read that 90% of success in relationships is in selecting the right partner. The same holds true for picking an information product to sell.

Here are nine questions to ask yourself when picking the topic for your next information product. Your answers will greatly increase your chances of success:

Do you really enjoy it?  Not everyone loves and has a passion for what they do even if they know it inside and out.  So although you might have expertise in a specific area, if you don’t really love and look forward to working within it, you might want to consider going with something you are really passionate about instead.

Think about what you continually gravitate towards. What do enjoy reading about and researching? Is it something you like to learn about without the promise of making money from it? Chances are if you pick a topic that you find interesting, you’ll not only enjoy creating information on the subject but it’ll also be easier for you.

Does it appeal to buyers? The key to developing an information product that people buy is picking a subject that attracts readers, gets them to drop everything and then holds their interest over the long haul.

Look for a strong  emotional connection to your product that will attract new buyers. Emotions can be good or bad.  For example, there might be a common distrust of big government or a common good of wanting to cure cancer. When you find a strong emotional connection, you are on the right track.

Is it long-lasting? It’s true you don’t know the future and what will or won’t be popular, however, you also want to make sure your topic isn’t a fad. Fads come and go which means your so will your income. In the health arena, fad diets such as the “grapefruit diet” and the “cabbage soup” diet. Hobbies are another common place you’ll find fads, such as latch hook rugs  or friendship bracelets. Sure, you could sell a book on “How To Lose Weight By Adding This Miracle Fruit To Your Diet ” and make a quick buck if your timing is right, but in the long run, fads fade and so does your money-making opportunity.

Is it usable? In order to get repeat customers, you’ll want to make sure your idea is usable. You want to make sure your information fills a need for people. For example, a newsletter about when and where restaurants are having specials (saves them money) and reviews restaurant menus is a very usable product.

Is your topic narrow enough that you can you dominate your niche? Often topics are too broad to dominate. Picking a topic like gardening or health will give you a lot of competition and make it difficult for you to dominate. However, if you narrow to say, organic vegetable gardens, you’ll have a much easier time becoming the leader in your field.

What makes you better or different than your competitors? Take the time to make a list of your competitors. What makes you better or different than them? Why would someone choose you over your competition?

Can you think of “endless” ideas you could develop for this niche? You’ll want to be able to write about multiple ideas within your niche and even have ideas for different products you could develop in order to dominate your niche.

Is it timely? Information needs to be relevant and timely to succeed. If you are too far ahead or too far behind a product’s time, it won’t do well in the long run. A publication that discusses social media for musicians, you might not want to focus on MySpace, but you would want to include YouTube and Music Clout.

Will people buy it? You can have the most relevant, timely, usable, interesting idea in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you’re wasting your time. Define who your target market is and determine how you will market and sell your product. As Dan Kennedy says, “50% of your success is in the list.” Make sure you know who your customers are and how to find them.

Ask yourself these questions before you commit to an information product to sell.  When you do, you will help you increase your chances of success and eliminate wasted time, money and frustration.

Do you have any other tips for helping pick the right topic to focus on when picking an information product to sell? If so share your ideas in the comments below.

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Make Something Happen NOW

By: Darcy Juarez on: January 29th, 2013 1 Comment

Can you believe it’s almost the end of January already?

In an attempt to help members stay on track with their new 2013 goals, the other day we asked members to share what they were doing to improve their business…

A variety of answers came in such as attending mastermind meetings and conferences, studying courses like Magnetic Marketing, finishing a website, working on blog posts, articles and newsletters, writing a book and more.

Another question we asked, “If you could only share one thing, what is the one piece of business advice you would give?”

Again a variety of answers flooded in…

“Create your own product or service and promote it like crazy.”

“Don’t compete on price.”

“Test and tweak, and test and tweak, then test and tweak again.”

Lots of great answers to consider.

Some look at the most successful business models for inspiration.  It’s not uncommon to see successful entrepreneurs doing 20 different things all at once—from lead funnels to newsletters to events to releasing books to coaching programs.

Seeing and hearing all these ideas, it’s easy to come up with ideas and be inspired to do some of them in your own business.

But sometimes instead of ending up with “a success story” you end up with a big “to do” list and a case of overwhelm.

After all, with so many great pieces of advice and so many different ideas to choose from, how do you pick what to do first?

I mean, even just seeing 18 different ideas that are shared as the one “best piece of advice”, makes it hard to pick. Am I right?

If you’ve ever felt that way, I’m here to help with a few suggestions to eliminate overwhelm and get your business moving so you can make things happen in 2013.

Clear out the clutter. Sometimes our lists simply have too many things on them and they need to be simplified. At the end of the year, the GKIC marketing team sat down to evaluate where we were, where we were going and what we wanted to achieve. We realized we were trying to execute too many ideas. We needed to focus more on automating and on making core initiatives run well. So we removed a few items from our list…for now anyway.

Another place that clutter can get in the way is in your head. Instead of lying awake at night with mental clutter, write down all the ideas you like or think of. Then put them aside for when you have time and are ready to implement something new.

Realize there is really only ONE thing you need to do.   There is an old proverb that says, “Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened.”

Of the three, you definitely want to be in the category of the people that “make things happen.” To do this you have to take action immediately.

Disney ran out of money before they finished Disneyland and couldn’t finish some landscaping. So he had his people make up some signs with phony Latin names on them and stick them in the ground next to the weeds.

There are a lot of people with good ideas out there. But very few who take immediate action. They wait to gather all the information, or have enough money, or for the “perfect timing.” Don’t worry about having all the details figured out, just get moving. Because as Dan Kennedy says, “Just by getting into action you’ll leapfrog ahead of 95% of the people around you.”

It’s a million little things. Not one.  Often we hear of the “overnight success” story. People want to know, how someone arrived at success so quickly? The thing is, there is no such thing as overnight success. It’s doing a lot of different things that all add up.

So just pick one or two things and focus on getting those done. When you’ve finished with those, pick two more from your list and focus on those. Give yourself a deadline to shoot for so you keep moving forward. Before you know it, you’ll have done a million different things and you’ll have leapfrogged ahead.

It’s great hearing from members that they are already making things happen in 2013…

Keith Madison writes,

“Though it’s only 14 days into the new year, GKIC has helped me discover some damn stellar breakthroughs for my clients…No B.S. has me generating B.S. (big sums.)”

I hope I’ll be hearing from you soon about the “Big Sums” you are making as a result of clearing the clutter and taking action immediately.

Share your tips in the comments below for clearing out the clutter and making things happen in your business.

NOTE:  Tens of thousands have been on the same road you are now traveling…but only those that take immediate action and implement reach the finish line. If you are new to GKIC, having trouble deciding what to do first or just need some direction on what to do first, check out our FREE Fast Implementation Bootcamp. In just two days’ time, you’ll walk away with a fully loaded marketing campaign ready to send out. Our next Bootcamp takes place March 7-8th. But you’ll want to register now, because seats are filling up quickly and there is only limited room available.