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Are You Making This Same Money-Losing Choice?

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 5th, 2013 8 Comments

Last month, the Miami Marlins announced that they would be closing off part of their stadium for some home games.

They aren’t the only stadium having trouble selling tickets.

Across the board ticket sales for Major League Baseball are down and ten clubs are experiencing more than a 20 percent drop in ticket prices in their secondary markets.

Even the mighty Boston Red Sox had their 820 game sellout streak come to an end in April.

What’s to blame? Some are citing the economy. Others cite weather. And yet others blame individual clubs for their poor performance during the previous season.

The response has been to lower ticket prices.

The interesting thing is that based on TV ratings, interest in baseball isn’t in decline. Millions are still watching and, in fact, interest has even slightly increased. So does it make sense to lower ticket prices?

You’ve no doubt read and heard talk by economists, futurists, financial analysts, politicians, and the media about the need to lower our expectations and shrink our lifestyles as the only rational response to all that has occurred in the economy. For example, there was an article that ran in USA Today, in which they warned of the need to “brace for a lower standard of living.”

You’ve likely seen a store at the local mall that has an eternal “Buy one, get one half off” sale that never ends.

Lowering prices, lowering standards…this seems the “natural” response.

But for you and I, lowering prices and lowering expectations is the least rational response.

It only makes sense if you wish to cede control of your life to circumstances. That is a fundamental choice that belongs exclusively to you.

There are, of course, changed and changing facts and realities in the business and financial landscape, but a good way to think about them is as a pro football team’s coaches and players must think about games played on natural turf, artificial turf, outdoors, indoors, in heat, in cold, in rain, in snow—regardless where they play, they play to win. And somebody wins every time.

Given the different conditions, they dress differently, run different plays and use different game strategies. They change their plan and figure out different ways to adjust to their conditions. But they don’t ever set aside their intentions of winning.

Whatever the realities are, one is that there is wealth. As long as it exists, it is yours to attract.

And you can attract it with far greater ease and faster than you think possible, if you believe you can and have the right “know how.”

There are three components necessary for you to shift to a winning plan.

  1. There is a philosophical component. There is a way of thinking that repels wealth, which is how most people think. There is also a way to think that attracts wealth. If you think that way, you are magnetic to opportunity, money and wealth.
  2. There is a strategic component. There are very practical things to do to put yourself in the right position and set in motion the forces that attract wealth. These include entrepreneurial strategies, relationship strategies, influence strategies, marketing strategies—that when properly employed and focused on, will make you magnetic to opportunity, money and wealth.
  3. Finally, there is a behavioral component. There are behaviors that repel wealth, and there are ways to behave that attract wealth. Ultimately, it is my contention that wealth attraction is more about doing than thinking. (You can read extensively on these three components and how to make radical shifts in your business  using them in my book No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy.)

You have to ask yourself if your business is really in decline and if so, is lowering your prices and expectations really your only option, or is your wealth attraction skewed. Because in the end, you have to either prepare to win, or lose to someone who is.

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LIVE TRAINING!!! – The $5,000 E-mail System

By: Mike Stodola on: March 5th, 2013 11 Comments

On Friday, March 8th at 10:30AM Eastern GKIC Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee is doing a live VIDEO Training entitled:

“E-Mail Marketing Made Easy.  How One Quick E-mail Strategy Brought In $5,000 From Dead Leads”

During this live broadcast Dave is going to give you:

  • His proven e-mail templates that not only get your e-mails read…but also move dead leads to buy
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  • A powerhouse follow-up system that will triple your profits from using these types of e-mails.
  • And lots more besides!

You Don’t Need To Sign Up…You Just Need to bookmark the page…and come back this Friday, at 10:30 am Eastern.

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Do You Have “Luck Of The Irish”?

By: Dave Dee on: February 19th, 2013 2 Comments

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and all the talk of “luck of the Irish,” I can’t help but think about what makes some people lucky in business and others not so much.

One of the reasons surfaced in a comment made after a tele-seminar I held on how to make $117,000 in 67 minutes.

(By the way make sure you register for this Thursday’s free webinar where I’ll reveal The Top 10 Ways to Radically Transform Your Business and Double Your Profits In Just 90 Days.“)

One of the attendees sent an email to me afterwards saying…

“Thank you for the tips…however you may want to adjust your lists.”

Turns out he didn’t believe he “qualified” for the opportunity.  He was in short supply of funds and, based on his history, felt he would remain that way for some time.

This person didn’t believe he could make more money than he is making right now, maybe ever, but definitely no time soon.

Perhaps he felt he was unlucky or had another reason for feeling the way he did. The specifics don’t really matter. But what does matter is that the conversation he is having with himself and others is keeping him poor.

International best-selling author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “The universe not only will, but must provide you with what you conceive of.”

In other words, if you complain of being in short supply of money, you’ll be offered experiences that match that thought.

Here are three tips for getting the universe to provide you opportunities:

Change your language. In Wealth Attraction System, Dan Kennedy discusses 12 mental and emotional positions that enable your subconscious system to most readily attract wealth.  One of those positions has to do with the conversations you hold. He says, “People always attracting wealth speak to themselves and converse with others differently than the vast majority of people.”

Things such as:

“Off to work I go, to pay the bills I owe.”

“I never win anything.”

“Day late, dollar short.”

…Are limiting. Never think in terms of bad luck, shortages or the way things have been. Instead stay focused on what you intend to create.

What language do you use with yourself and others? How can you change what you say to attract wealth instead?

Change your situation.  Get involved in opportunities, activities and associations that are likely to produce wealth.  Attending an event where wealthy people are likely to be in attendance puts you in an environment where you can form relationships or align yourself in some way to increase your wealth.

I’ve told the story many times about how I became aware of Dan Kennedy at a Success Seminar. I took action.  I participated in an event that aligned myself with some great ideas that produced wealth and forever changed my life.

If you want to become wealthy, look at where and who you are spending your time with. Are you hanging around people who are focused on wealth or on something else? Is there an association, mastermind group, or other event where you can meet like-minded people?

Be prepared for opportunity.  Last year at SuperConference singer/songwriter John Rich talked about how he broke into the music industry. He said he had a notebook full of songs he’d written. He’d approach famous songwriters and ask for their help, finally finding someone willing to work with him.  Think he got lucky? The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

He was prepared by having written hundreds of songs. If he just approached songwriters and asked for their help without that notebook, he would not have had the same opportunity appear.

If a successful, rich entrepreneur approached you tomorrow offering to help fund your business, would you be prepared with what you need in place to succeed?

Life holds opportunities around every corner, however if you don’t speak the language to attract them, don’t put yourself in the situation to run into them and  are not prepared when opportunity strikes, you are probably setting yourself up for “bad luck.”

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How to guarantee victory in your advertising campaign…

By: Dave Dee on: November 6th, 2012 9 Comments

Today people head to the polls in the U.S.A. to decide who will be our next president.

Over the past few days, candidates have displayed a mannerism that the most successful entrepreneurs use to chart their course to business victory.

It’s something you’ll need if you intend to unseat your competition. Fight off feelings of being overwhelmed and eliminate chaos. And lead yourself and your business to the transformation, quality of life, wealth and victory you deserve.

Can you guess what it is?

It deals with a problem many of our members say they struggle with…

A problem that is only going to get worse over the next couple of months as holiday distractions encroach on your already hectic schedule.

What do candidates do that you need to figure out how to do?

They know how to get things done.

In the final hours of the presidential race, they held a combined 14 events, spoke to undecided voters and ran ads and counter-ads.

And if you are thinking, well it’s different for them…they have money and people to help them get things done, I want you to suspend that thinking for a few minutes and consider instead what you can take away from their final bid for commander in chief…

Because there are some fairly significant lessons you can learn.

Take extreme measures: In the final stretch, both candidates took extreme measures…sleeping little, making stops in multiple states in one day. They basically did what they felt was necessary to get the job done.

Make a commitment to do what it takes to get your marketing out. If that means working longer hours a few days or outsourcing pieces of your campaigns you don’t have the expertise or time to do…do it.

It’s the people who are willing to do what’s necessary to get the job done that will achieve the biggest wins.

Leverage everything you have:  To the bitter end, both candidates are pulling out everything they have to win votes. And while you may be getting tired of strangers knocking on your door, a mailbox full of campaign literature, the barrage of ads and multiple phone calls each day—chances are your marketing is far from approaching saturation with your clients, customers, or patients.

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to leverage everything you have. That means with each message, don’t just rely on one media form. Send your message to your newsletter list, send it out as an email, a postcard, and post it on your blog. Then deliver it during a webinar and make posts about it on social media.

Simply using the same message in different formats is a great way to leverage the power of your message and reach the most people with it.

Don’t second-guess yourself: The Romney and Obama campaigns didn’t second guess their decisions on where they should make their final stops. They simply made a decision and did it.

With marketing, you never are 100% sure that what you do will work.  Make your best guess and just go for it. If you are really unsure, start small and test first. The point is that you need to make a commitment and just do it.

Do things simultaneously: Could you imagine if the candidates only ran ads in one state at a time or to one organization at a time?

Yet it’s common for small business owners to try one campaign before moving on to the next—believing they need to wait until they have more time to put together another one or more money to do a second type of campaign.

However, as Dan Kennedy says in Extreme Productivity Blueprint, “Nobody ever has any money left over. Nobody ever has any time left over…and if you’ve got any lying around, time or money, that you have left over, that you’re not doing anything with, somebody will take it.”

Put a lot of campaigns in motion all at the same time. For example, have a follow up campaign in motion while you are starting a new campaign. Run an ad in a specialty publication for your niche audience at the same time you are sending out your newsletter to them and holding a special event. Instead of setting up one lead funnel, set up multiple lead funnels.

Multiple campaigns means multiple sources of leads and income.

Think of marketing your business like you are in a presidential race.  You are attempting to sway prospects in your favor. In order to reach the top of your game and edge out your competitors, use these four tips and you’ll to pull ahead in your marketplace. You’ll find taking massive action eliminates that feeling of being overwhelmed because you’ll no longer be wallowing in indecision. Plus the big wins you’ll experience will only motivate you to want to do it more.

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