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Tiger Woods has several coaches. Several years ago, Arnold Palmer reinvigorated his game with the help of a coach (half his age, incidentally). I have people I rely on for coaching. The combined annual incomes generated by my Members exceeds 60-million dollars, yet they all need and value coaching. And I enjoy the coach role, and have found these programs to be very valuable for all participants.

The Peak Performers - Implementation Coaching group is totally focused on eliminating all the barriers to productivity, results, and success that challenge your business - a program totally focused not just on "filling your head with INFORMATION" but on helping you take the best business ideas on the planet and actually IMPLEMENTING them in a carefully structured and scheduled way - with the result that you finally achieve the TRANSFORMATION in your business that you've always dreamt of.

The program centers on four "Two-Day" Peak Performers - Implementation Coaching Meetings in top notch, destination cities facilitated by Lee Milteer with GKIC's own Dave Dee. Peak combines live meetings, Networking, Masterminding and online training. Peak Performers also includes follow-up, live Q&A Calls with experts after meetings & Support Coaching for in between meetings.

The 2014 Peak Performers - Implementation Coaching Schedule:

    1. 2015 Schedule will be posted soon

To learn more about Peak Performers,
call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

From left to right:

Jimmy Nicholas GKIC 2013 Marketer Of The Year
Walter Bergeron GKIC 2012 Marketer Of The Year
Lee Milteer GKIC Peak Performers Leader
Shaun Buck GKIC 2014 Marketer Of The Year

The past 3 GKIC's "Marketer of the Year" winners were all in The Peak "Performers - Implementation Coaching" Group.

To learn more about Peak Performers,
call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

Click a video below to hear how other Peak Performers members lives have been changed

Here is what You can Look Forward to with Your Peak Performers Membership:

  • Four "Two-Day" Implementation Meetings
  • One qualified guest (Business Partner, Key Employee, or Spouse) can attend each meeting with the Primary Member.
  • Next Meeting Dates and Locations:
    • Presentations from Niche Marketing Experts
    • Project Implementation with help from Experts
    • Hot Seats
    • Productivity Strategies
    • Open Q&A Sessions 
    • Group Exercises for Peak Performance
    • Networking, Masterminding & Fun
    • Resource Center for members 
    • Audio Recordings and Handouts from each Meeting
    • Roster of all MEMBERS
    • Custom Playbooks
  • Meetings include:
    • Presentations from Niche Marketing Experts
    • Project Implementation with help from Experts
    • Hot Seats
    • Productivity Strategies
    • Open Q&A Sessions

To learn more about Peak Performers, call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

Support In Between Meetings:

  • Live 60-minute group calls with Lee Milteer and Expert Guests after each meeting to ask burning questions from meetings, plus CDs of all calls
  • Mailed Packages chock-full of information that will help you Easily Move to the top of your field will arrive at your doorstep from Lee Milteer every month there isn't a live meeting (to keep you motivated and on track)
  • Lowest Registration to attend the Info-SUMMIT & SuperConference: $497 Each for Primary, $397 for up to 2 guests
  • DIAMOND Luxury Member Benefits
    • Monthly No B.S. Marketing Letter
    • Monthly Marketing Interview on CD
    • Monthly Marketing Hot Sheet
    • Million Dollar Resource Directory
    • Online Success Marketing Strategies
    • Marketing to the Affluent Newsletter and Bonus Hot Sheet
    • 4-Page monthly newsletter dedicated to ONLINE Marketing
    • Discounted Resource Center Products
    • Diamond Luxury Member ONLY Contests
    • "Best Of" Diamond Luxury calls monthly replay
    • Monthly Diamond Luxury Call with Dan Kennedy and a 'hand-picked' expert on a different marketing topic
    • Ability to ask questions to Dan or the expert each month
    • A CD of the call for repeat listening
    • Weekly Diamond Luxury Marketing fax/email from Dan Kennedy
    • Special Diamond Luxury insert included with the No B.S. Marketing CD Each month
    • Special mailing of books and/or CDs
    • A Diamond Luxury ONLY Yearly mastermind and Networking Dessert Reception at one of the GKIC Annual Events
    • Access to the EXCLUSIVE Diamond Luxury Membersite
    • Diamond Luxury Lounge at GKIC Annual Events

To learn more about Peak Performers, call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

(Value: $4,612.00)

  • Lee Milteer's Fast Start Package
    • *Delivered as downloads*
    • Includes Reinventing Your Life--Success Self-Programming: Learn how to create new patterns that enable to succeed in any area or your life. Lee Milteer provides eight simple, specific, and powerful techniques for achieving anything you want in life
    • Secrets of Implementation--Interviews with Top Millionaire Entrepreneurs: Interviews with:
      • The Legendary Dan Kennedy
      • Marketing Master Bill Glazer
      • Real Estate Guru Ron LeGrand
      • Auto Marketing Genius Ron Ipach
      • Royalty Rewards & Restaurant Marketing Expert Rory Fatt
      • Millionaire Martial Artist/Internet Extraordinaire Lloyd Irvin
      • Internet Whiz Kid Russell Brunson
  • Dan Kennedy's Adversity to Opportunity Blueprint: Say goodbye to fear and anxiety when things don't work out the way you plan and find out how to instead turn it into something useful and build BIG success out of it. Avoid post-problem paralysis and make the BEST response possible in the wake of adversity. Ensures you'll always be prepared with an action plan to set in motion immediately when difficulties arise.
  • Dan Kennedy's Extreme Productivity Blueprint: Boost your productivity to levels you didn't think possible following the BEST "Extreme Measures" and "Extensions of Productivity" that Dan knows. Discover the secret to squeezing out every drop of productivity out of everything you do.
  • Dan Kennedy's Absolute Autonomy Blueprint: Dictate the way you want your business to be with Dan's list of autonomy factors that address things such as what you need to do to create the "toll-booth" effect, what the highest-level skill in the world is and how to develop it, what you need to do, prevent and get rid of, what you need to be committed to in order to succeed and much more.
  • Bill Glazer's Newsletter Blueprint: Avoid the biggest mistake people make when it comes to newsletter content-- including a common mistake people make regarding the opening article of their newsletter. Learn about the three types of newsletter content. Advanced strategies that will keep your readers reading every month. Includes real examples so you can see the strategies in action.
  • Bill Glazer's Outrageous Advertising Blueprint: Apply OUTRAGEOUS Advertising to your business following Bill's Seven Step process. Discover how to swipe and deploy, what to do and what NOT to do, and what you need to do consistently to get BIG, BIG results.
  • Bill Glazer's Lost Customer Reactivation Blueprint: Discover the Hidden Business in lost customers by understanding "lost customer" math, knowing how to identify when a customer, client or patient is lost, the three easiest customers to sell to, and the best method to get customers to respond.
  • Dave Dee's "How to Use Email Marketing to Unlock the Incredible Profit Potential That Lies Hidden in Your Small Business!"Download (Value: $500.00)
    • The complete 244 page main manual, packed with information on exactly how you can use email in your business to build relationships and make more sales! We teach you how to do everything.
    • How to quickly build your email list
    • How to write your emails for maximum impact on your subscribers and maximum $$ in your pocket.
    • How to write killer subject lines that compel your subscribers to open your emails the minute they get them. (If your email doesn't get opened, it's not gonna get read).
    • The five best types of emails to send. I'll be willing to bet that you are NOT using all of these methods and it is costing you lots of CASH!
    • How to use emails to develop a real relationship with your prospects, customers or clients. (It doesn't matter if you are an information marketing, service professional, entrepreneur or business owner - you need to know this BIG insider secret.)
    • How to write a simple weekly email that will have your calendar overflowing with clients if you are a service provider or orders pouring in if you sell a product. (And my system for writing your email newsletter in just 20 minutes!)
      • Plus 3 Jammed-Packed Bonus Materials:
        • How to Get Free Traffic To Your Website
        • 7 Steps to Getting Massive Traffic with Google Adwords
        • Writing Emails that Kick Butt - Strategies and Samples
      • AND 2 Invaluable MP3s: Quick Start MP3 and An Amazing Resource File loaded to the gills

To learn more about Peak Performers, call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

To be clear, this program is Focused on Performance, Productivity, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Masterminding, Right Thinking, and Implementation Strategies.

combines live meetings with GKIC experts, networking, Masterminding, and online training. Peak also includes between-meeting support, follow-up, live Q&A Calls after meetings & Supplementary Coaching CDs and Reports mailed to You

The total value of this new group is well over $84,000.00 per year. This is a 12-MONTH, 12 Module program, and requires a non-cancelable commitment.

Investing in Peak will give you...

...The ability to harness your Creative Energy, Laser Beam Focus, Clarity to take Action, the Tools and Blueprints for Effective Marketing, Restored Passion and Enthusiasm, Connections with other Like-Minded People and Revitalized Profits

Are You Ready to Take Action so you can Live the life you want and Enjoy the Wealth You Deserve?

This is an Exclusive Coaching Program with Limited Seating.

The fee to participate in the IC group is just $997.00 monthly or Save Money and Pre-Pay:Single pay $9,979.00 a year ($1602 savings per year – 2 full membership months each year).

This is a 12-MONTH program and requires a non-cancelable commitment

Your commitment to the Peak Performers-Implementation Coaching Group will be worth $100,000 to $1 million plus to you.

Essentially, your membership will cost you nothing...

Still unsure if the Implementation Coaching Program is the right step to take for your business plan? Call our concierge to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session to express your specific goals. 1-800-871-0147

To learn more about Peak Performers, call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

  • We have group round tables where we talk about problems. We bounce them off, ideas. One of the guys in that group gave me a great idea. Turned something that was costing me money into a profit making center. It's wonderful. Average of the top five people you hang with the most, I like to say a lot of my close friends are in peak performers. They like money, they like their business, that's who I want to hang out with and make more money.

    Shane Smith
    Personal Injury Attorney
    Atlanta, GA
  • So obviously that hot seat that I had in September was the catalyst of me just taking massive action. From zero, GKIC style, 3D, direct mail campaigns to over 20 in less than 7 months. So I'm very grateful for that hot seat. What was ironic is at the time I didn't really think that it did anything for me but I had to have it sink in. And it was a conversation I had with my wife that night for like 4 or 5 hours, things we probably should talked about before we even got married. And that's when I really had my breakthrough and got back and started hitting it like crazy. So that in and of itself was amazing.

    Jimmy Nicholas
  • I can't believe I've only been in Peak since March because I've done so many things. I've done my first direct mail program. I've started my customer activation program, my lost customer. I can't even remember all the things I've done. So it seems like I've been part of this for like years.

    I joked the other day that I've listened to so many of Lee's tapes that I'm hearing her in my sleep and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but anyway. I would recommend it highly. As a business owner we need accountability and Peak Performers is my way to be accountable to myself. So I highly recommend it everyone.

    Pauline Lally
  • Peak's been amazing. I've actually learned so much. Lee almost didn't initially actually let me in. She almost rejected me, which makes me sad to think about. One of the big things or one of the big takeaways that I got was as she says, "Hey, you need to," she's talking to me and she's saying, "You need to start pointing your way, pointing your way to more profits." And I think she even went over this with everyone. But it was one of these things where she says, "You're doing too much. You're taking the mail someone who can do that for $8 or 10 or 12 bucks an hour and you're never going to be successful doing these." And she kind of just, kind of got, at least to me, she got to the core of some of my issues that I didn't even realize I had and where I was wasting time. I was wasting money and making bad decisions.

    Shaun Buck
    the Newsletter Pro
  • Peak is a Mastermind and a support group for such entrepreneurs. People who know they are they are the marketers of their business, people who know they are the manifestors of their success and there are three reasons why I'm in Peak.

    The first one is Lee. She is totally aligned with the Napoleon Hill philosophy of whatever the man of mind can conceive and believe he will achieve. She has a gift to undo the negative cloud, the thoughts that are blocking you from being you, that are blocking you personally from moving forward. She has a way of reframing your viewpoint on your business.

    Two, is because of Dave and Darcy. Now Dave is the Dan clone. He was a magician, a birthday party magician who took the GKIC principles and made a successful business and then took the principles and made an information marketing business. And Darcy's the puzzle putter together. The two of them provide the how-to, the actions to take to move you forward to put the pieces together.

    And three, I'm there because it's a Mastermind and it's a coming together of great business minds from around the world who are all dedicated to their own goals and successes but they also are were willing to share their marketing losses and successes, their business failures and successes and together it forms a super Mastermind of energy that you just being there pick up ideas and inspiration. So I urge you all to consider joining Peak and Lee with our support will help you figure out what's in your glass that you need to start pouring out.

    Ginger Gaye Hollowell
    Electronic Money Company Inc.
    Albuquerque, NM
  • So you may or may not realize but it was last January that I had the exact same hot seat that Jimmy just experienced and that's actually why I applied for Marketer of the Year and actually won last year. What Lee didn't mention about the hot seat in September, seems to be a commonality here, every time I sit in a chair and she's looking at me something big tends to happen. So last September, she didn't tell you that, by some act of magic or something my wife was sitting in the corner of that room as well as my 9 year old son. And so not only did she ask me, "Hey what about if you sold this business?" She said, "Get your wife up here." And she made me stare in the eye and answer these tough questions as well as my 9 year old son. So the intuitive ability I never would've thought would've even played a role in business has been a life changing experience and it's not only because of her but it's also because of the family that this group has created. And so being a part of you guys has been a truly valuable part of my life. And it really is a family.

    And when she said exclusive she means it because if you're not right for the group you won't be a right part of this family. But if you are it is something that will change your life for many years to come. So Lee I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart my entire family thank you so much.

    Walter Bergeron
    Power Control Services, Inc.
    Broussard, LA

To learn more about Peak Performers, call us at: 1-800-871-0147 or click here

You can laugh at money worries if you are accepted into this exclusive group...

Who Else Wants To Be A Member Of The Ultimate Mastermind AND Elite Training Program For Info-Marketers...And Supercharge Their Income

If you want to get direct, hands-on help in taking your info-marketing business to new heights, make more money and actually live the info-marketing lifestyle at a faster pace of progress, then applying for Platinum might be for you.

The GKIC Platinum Info-marketing Mastermind group is the most complete and powerful program we've ever offered, appropriate for both "beginner" and "intermediate" info-marketers; those with other core businesses and info-businesses begun and developing, for the "kitchen table operator" with established revenue ready to move up to 6-figures and a more sophisticated business, and for full-time info-biz operators to six figure incomes eager to do more, expand, grow and mature their companies.

PLATINUM offers an unmatched and improved collection of business growth and success resources, training, networking, mastermind work and support.

The GKIC Platinum Info-marketing Mastermind group is strictly limited to no more than 20 primary participants and is by application only

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The 2015 Platinum Mastermind Schedule:

    1. 2015 Schedule will be posted soon

The premier group for successful Info-marketers, available by invitation only!

Dan Kennedy is the undisputed Master of direct response marketing and the creator of Renegade and Magnetic Marketing, the world's best marketing tools for small business owners. A very select group of proven business leaders are selected personally by Dan to join him for private 3 sessions a year to develop the industry leading programs that have earned Dan the "Millionaire Maker" moniker. This title is well deserved. Dan has made more small business people more money than any man alive and continues to hone his craft as he works with this handpicked group of experts who thrive not only off the guidance of Dan's 40 plus years of experience, but also off the group's collective experience.

Entrance to this group of ultra-elite marketing experts is by invitation only - if offered a chance to join this amazing group - don't hesitate for a moment!

More about Dan Kennedy:

As a direct-response marketing consultant and copywriter, Dan is the 'hidden genius' behind full-page magazine ads you read, TV infomercials you see, online marketing and direct-mail you receive. He is routinely paid upwards from $50,000.00 to, on average, $100,000.00 to $200,000.00 plus royalties to craft direct-response ads, sales letters, direct-mail campaigns and integrated offline/online marketing systems for his private clients... over 85% of which repeat. His advertisements created for clients have appeared in over 200 magazines from industry trade journals, airline magazines and The Wall Street Journal to USA Today and Readers Digest to Cosmopolitan.

He has created winning campaigns for health, diet and beauty products and companies, B2B and industry products including software, and investments including Canadian land sold to Asian investors - but his #1 specialty, where he does most of his work, is with clients in the information-marketing industry including book, home study course, online course and newsletter publishers; seminar, conference and event promoters; coaching organizations; and associations.

With a daily rate of more than $16,000 per day, an invitation to join this elite group of marketers is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Renegade Marketers - You are not alone

GKIC's mentoring program offers incredible access to Dan Kennedy trained advisors that can help you master our award winning, No B.S. programs and strategies for generating profitable leads and growing any business. With a mentor's guidance, you can rest assured that you are going to get maximum use of out of your marketing investment. Feel confident that you can master the skills necessary to apply GKIC marketing to your particular industry, niche, or market.

Each of GKIC's carefully screened and trained mentors are experts in GKIC style marketing, the same proven direct response system used day in and day out by the industry leader. Mentors work with you in one-on-one coaching sessions to make sure that you are comfortable with the products and services you select to make your business grow.

Ask questions, discuss ideas, and have a reliable "sounding board" as you develop your campaigns using GKIC's systems. Having a mentor at your side makes mastering GKIC style marketing a highly personalized experience tailored to your specific needs. With expert guidance, you can set the pace of your learning and ask questions as you develop your campaigns.

GKIC mentors are the go to resource for developing your personal expertise and achieving the financial goals you desire.

Contact a GKIC Business Consultant today to discover the power of personal one-on-one training.