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Issue 66 - Wednesday, March 9, 2011
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I just returned back from Yanik Silver and Derek Gehl's Underground Online Seminar this past Sunday. I had a very enjoyable long weekend discovering new ways to grow the Glazer-Kennedy business and seeing some of my favorite Internet Marketer friends.

It was so nice to meet some of the ezine subscribers at the event, and I want to thank you all for saying "hi."

Today's article is a transcript of a recent interview Bill Glazer conducted with marketing legend and speaker at the upcoming SuperConference, Michael Masterson.


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"The trouble for most people is they don't decide to get wealthy, they just dream about it." - Michael Masterson

Inside the Mind of Michael Masterson, Part 1
by Bill Glazer

No matter what industry, niche, or business you are in, it is an absolute must to be familiar with the great Michael Masterson. Michael is the chief strategist for AGORA PUBLISHING, the largest internet-based publishing company in the world, and is most notoriously known for taking a business from $180,000 to $135 Million in 11 years. He has also started over a dozen different multi-million dollar companies.

Here at Glazer-Kennedy, we are so honored to have him speak at this year's Marketing and Money-Making SuperConference that we are hosting in Chicago.

I had the great opportunity to sit down with Michael Masterson last week and ask him some of my favorite questions that I like to ask all the major players in the marketing industry.

A copy of the interview (part 1) is transcribed below, and I know you will find great value in the answers he provides.

Bill: What makes for a great marketer/copywriter?

Michael: Two very different questions. The primary virtue of a great marketer is humility. The great marketer understands what Socrates meant when he said that he was the wisest man in Athens and that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing. The great marketer feels that way about marketing. He is forever the servant of the market.

The primary virtue of a great copywriter is sympathy. Great copywriters have all sorts of different skills. Some have amazing, sympathetic voices that allow them to persuade prospects without marshalling the facts. Others are such diligent researchers that they succeed by overwhelming prospects with facts. But all of the great copywriters, and by that I mean the copywriters who can write breakthrough packages time and again and in different markets, have an exquisite sensitivity to the prospects' thoughts, feelings and desires as they relate to the product being sold.

Bill: How do you take a business from scratch to big?

Michael: I took one company from $180,000 to $135 million. And I've been intimately involved in Agora's growth from $8 million to $380 million.

I can't answer that in less than 300+ pages. I did answer it - and I still believe it is the best answer anyone has ever written on the subject - in Ready, Fire, Aim. But anyone who comes to the (Super) conference will be able to get very specific answers from me by listening to my speech and asking me questions afterward.

Money and Marketing SuperConference Michael Masterson's wisdom in regards to business and life and undeniable. Come here him speak at this year's SuperConference alongside Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model and Business Mogul Kathy Ireland, Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, and many other major marketing experts. Reserve your seat now and save over a $200 discount. Click here.

Bill: What is the oddest marketing project you've been involved in and what did you learn?

Michael: Let's review the list. I sold coins from the Attocha, the most famous of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys. I sold giant tomatoes in display adds in national magazines. I sold knock off perfume and watches, radios and television sets through postcards. I sold a book called The Ancient Hebraic Money Ritual, a series of economic textbooks published by the oldest English language publisher in the world. I sold a $25,000 investment conference twenty years before anyone ever sold anything in that field at more than $500, and I sold mystery boxes that contained products we didn't even describe.

But perhaps the oddest thing I ever sold was an offer that gave prospects the right to pay a fee to receive no more marketing offers from a tchotchke manufacturer in Florida. For fifteen dollars prospects were taken off the mailing list.

That told me that marketing skill comes with responsibility. Just because you have the ability to sell something doesn't mean you should.

Part 2 of this interview will be published on March 13, 2011.


Michael Masterson has long been the Chief Strategist for AGORA PUBLISHING, the largest internet-based publishing company in the world. He is one of 8 children, grew up poor, started working at age 13, has his BA from City University of New York, Magna Cum Laude, his MA from University of Michigan, and PhD course work from Catholic University, speaks 4 languages, served in the Peace Corps, has traveled to 50 countries and is "still working, still LEARNING and still teaching, entirely by choice."

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The next issue, which will be published on Sunday March 13, 2011, features part 2 of the interview with Bill Glazer and Chief Strategist of AGORA PUBLISHING, Michael Masterson.

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