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For The First Time EVER:  The Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy Has Stuffed his Most potent Strategies And Techniques Into One Easy-To-Follow Program:



Discover The Untold Secrets To Creating POWER In Your Marketplace 99% Of Entrepreneurs Will NEVER Know…So You Can Attract Your IDEAL Customers And Clients, Boost Your Income, And Create A Sustainable Business!”




What I’m About To Say in This Message Might Tick A Lot Of People Off.  And You Might Be A Little Offended At One Of The Stories I Have To Share Below.


But Guess What?  I Don’t Care.  Because I’m Mad As Hell At The Peddlers Who Push “Bright Shiny Objects” And Want To Reveal The DNA ALL Top Income Earners Have In Common.


Best Part:  These Are The SAME Strategies And Techniques I’ve Used Over 35 Years In My Own Business And Working With Private Clients …Whose Combined Income Has Eclipsed 1 Billion Dollars!



Dear Renegade Marketer:


Hang with me here.   And I promise I’ll take you beyond just another trick or two that “might” bump up conversions on a web site temporarily…or that everybody is excited about momentarily…


…And I want to show you a system for influence that you can quickly begin using today to flood your pipeline with more customers and clients.


Best part: you’ll be able to make significantly more money across ALL your communication channels.  And it doesn’t matter what business you are in


More on that later.


Believe me, this can boost your income now and more importantly, lift you to an entirely new level of attraction of the kind of customers or clients you'd MOST like to have.


Think about it: having customers who are tickled PINK when they get your emails…or your promotions in the mail.    And having customers thanking you profusely for your products and services…as I personally experience on a daily basis.


In other words, what I have to share with you WILL strengthen results of your e-mail, pay-per-click ads, videos, and even Facebook and Twitter posts.


Heck, you can even apply what you’re about to discover to direct mail. And if you’re already using direct mail in your business, than this can raise its results. 


Also if you’re still finding your way to a profitable business, this will cut through the confusion that could be paralyzing you right now.


If You Aspire To Be Rich, This Stuff
Goes Waaaaay Beyond Little “Tricks”…


Listen: You can walk into a magic shop and buy off-the-shelf tricks and use them to entertain kids and friends - but you'll NEVER be a great magician.


You see, in this letter, I'll be sharing with you what being a real moneymaking magician is all about. And how “shiny object syndrome could be ROBBING you of the profits you need to succeed…as I’ll tell you about in a second.


That’s because I’m going to reveal the secrets that’ll allow you to:  


  • Attracting opportunity so you can accelerate your chances of gaining prosperity.  
  • Get support and cooperation from others with little or no effort.  
  • Raise capital when needed—while your competitors “struggle”.  
  • Attract clients and customers in abundance…so you can “pick and choose”  
  • …And creating a sustainable business that’ll bring you income 5..10…15…20 years from now.


You’ll be able to take a look at several case studies of REAL people who have made this quantum shift. You’ll realize what you must create for yourself, to change the making of a lot of money from difficult to easy.


You see, this secret made Houdini a multi-millionaire before there was any media. And it made me, a high school graduate with no family resources, rich-from-scratch, before the Internet.


Heck, it made the Kardashians $28-million last year with every media including social media. No matter what you think of them…that’s pretty DARN good!


Keep this in mind: too much focus is on media, not enough on the creation of magnetic influence with media. Grasp of this principle can change everything…and I’m about to reveal how you can do it!


Best Part: This Works In ANY Economy…No

Matter What The “Talking Heads” On TV Suggest!  


Listen:  I’m very aware of how difficult this recession that will not end is for many businesspeople.  And even for ambitious people looking to get into business for themselves.


You see, I launched my businesses in the Jimmy Carter recession with more than 12% unemployment, 12% inflation and 12% base interest rates.


So believe me, I know a good recession!  


And I've been called a number or times to reinvigorate entire industries, to lead some group to new opportunity when it seemed there wasn't any hope.  


I consider myself a champion or people eager to stand on their own two feet, and, believe me, I have heard the call now.


If that sounds pretentious, so be it. But I know that I can show anyone willing to pay attention how to create their own economy, and prosper even while all around them people struggle, incomes shrink, and fear and anxiety reign.


So if this is right up your alley, then keep reading every single word of this message to get the scoop!


Now I’m sure you’re a little skeptical and might be thinking:


“But Dan, I’m Just A ‘Regular’ Person
With NO Special ‘Voodoo’ Skills Or Talents!”


Baloney.  You do NOT need any special background, education or skills to use this - other than commitment to use it. You can apply it to anything you are passionately interested in or knowledgeable about.


It could be buggy whips.  Underwater basket weaving. Teaching people how to fly fish.


Doesn’t matter.  


You see, I have students using this stuff with online businesses in health, fitness, and all kinds of hobbies like quilting, teaching and coaching.  


I even have some students who invest in real estate…and some who have become a bestselling authors.  And all of them have INCREASED their incomes by double to ten times in the past 24 months.  


Heck, one local professional went from $30,000.00 a month to $400,000.00 a month in 5 months by using these strategies.


For now, know, YOU can turbo-charge your ability to attract and achieve with this information.


I’ll tell you more about these later.  But for now let me tell you about the “syndrome” that has plagued the info-marketing industry for decades:



How Shiny Object Syndrome Is Sabotaging

Your Profits…And That Of Your Family!


Now I can prattle on about the many people who’ve I’ve helped with these strategies.  But one of my main motivators for getting this stuff out is one simple thing:


I want to free you FOREVER from the bondage of the Shiny Object Syndrome!


That’s right…it’s the Syndrome that has people furiously hopping after one shiny object, after another, after another…yet winding up in the same place months and thousands of dollars later.


I am evermore disgusted with the made-up-yesterday, magic pills and easy buttons being peddled, one after the other, like the fake medical cures from the backs of wagons by traveling pitchmen at the turn of the century.


I hate seeing people led down dead-ends.


You see, in the past few years, the Internet space has been overrun with smart marketers trotting out new trick after new trick after new trick, new media platforms, new software, new moneymaking doohickeys…


…And people have been chasing after these things like a heroin addict chasing his next hit.


You’ve probably heard these things in various sales pitches:


  • “You’ve got to make a certain number of Facebook posts or Tweets…
  • “You’ve got to launch a website THIS way, or you’ll fail!”
  • “You’ve got to to master Google and get on top of the search engines.
  • “You’ve got to post a certain number of videos on YouTube…”


But here’s the thing: In order to make this happen you need to manage a time-consuming, confusing monstrosity of social media accounts, blogs, and video channels...


…and just when you’re barely above water with it all, there's one more NEW gimmick that’s supposed to get cash shooting into your bank account like a vacuum on Steroids.


If you’ve fallen for this tripe, then let me ask you:


How’s THAT Working Out For You?


Listen:  this pattern isn't something new. Business owners have long been advertising victims. And salespeople long told that if they just learn just one more closing technique, all would be well.


The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome has been a destructive force for a long time. It holds people hostage to activity…instead of achievement.


In this letter, I'm going to do my damndest to convince you that most of what you've been told to do to make money has kept you running furiously like a hamster on a wheel, but leaving you in the same place you started…


…because it’s kept you distracted by Shiny Objects instead of focused on creating fundamental strength and power that can be leveraged.


If you feel like you've been trying hard but coming up short, much may NOT be your fault.


After all, if you’re given faulty directions, it doesn’t matter how good a driver you are or how fast you race down that path.


This is now about a different path…a path that has led countless people to awesome wealth and prosperity.


In fact:

The Majority Is Always WRONG When It
Comes To Wealth And Prosperity!



One of the most influential statements I ever heard about success I fortunately heard when still very young, on a recording by a man named Earl Nightingale.


Earl said that if you were setting out to accomplish something and had no role models to emulate, you could get a good start by looking at what everybody else was doing - and NOT doing it, because, statistically, the majority is ALWAYS wrong…


especially when it comes to money!


I have since phrased it this way: sheep don't own limousines or live in mansions or fly about in private jets. What’s popular is not necessarily profitable, except for those popularizing it.


I know that what's hot is hot and I am often not. I'm not trendy.


But I will match up against any teacher the number of people who attest to making millions of dollars following my lead… and who continue following my lead for 7, 10, 15 even 25 years.


What I have waiting for you in has stood the ultimate test, the Test of time - and is at work this minute, making the incomes and lives of those who know it richer.


Tools change constantly. Media changes constantly. All that is fluid, not foundational. But there are certain principles of magnetic influence that are as reliable as is gravity…that can be applied by you to ANY moneymaking enterprise.


Best Part:  that make all practical tools more powerful, all viable media more useful, and make reaching goals easier and more certain.


Imagine having certainty in your business...knowing you can simply send out a postcard or email…and have many raving fans happily respond…


…and give you money!


And think about NEVER having to lie in bed at 2am…wondering how you’re going to make payroll next month…or where your next client or customer is going to come from…


That’s what many of my HUNDREDS of my renegade millionaires experience on a daily basis. 


And since they listen to what I say…and take ACTION on it…they leave all the worrying to MAJORITY who fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome.


Now I will tell you that:

I Didn’t Just Wake Up One

Night  And Dream Up This Stuff!


Just for the record, I have a 35-yeartrack record of creating multi-millionaires and 7-figure income earners.


I myself, am a made-from-scratch multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and I’m doing real work in the trenches right now!   In fact, last year alone, the combined revenues of my small cadre of private clients exceeded 1-Billion Dollars.


….like Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems, advising over 5,000 restaurant owners.


….like Ron Ipach, advising over 2,000 auto repair shop owners,


…Like  Dr. Tom Orent, advising over 2,000 dentists…


…Like Bill Hammond, advising over 1,000 lawyers and law firms,


…Like Dennis Tubbergen, advising over 2,000 financial planners, and…


…Like Dr. Ben Altadonna, advising over 3,000 chiropractors.


You name the category and there’s a celebrated, respected leader in marketing linked to me… coached by me.


And now let me go ahead and share with you a story to illustrate one of the tips I have to share with you.  You can literally take this and totally turn around your business…if you choose.



The Nefarious Story Of Benny Binion

And His Big  “Gamechanger” Moment…


Benny Binion has a statue erected to him in Las Vegas, where he was a founding father of casinos. He also created the now famous World Series of Poker.


When Benny was younger, his father was a horse trader, and he took little Benny along on his trips and introduced him to gambling.


And this is where Benny introduced himself to losing!!


You see, after a long run of chasing the next big score, and being chased by bookies and others he owed money to, Benny had a BREAKTHROUGH.


Now let me call a “time out” here for a second…


You're probably not a desperate, degenerate gambler. But that Shiny Object Syndrome I spoke of is like this: Chasing the big score, looking for “magic” - when real achievement is always based on implementation or sound fundamentals.


You see, Benny's BREAKTHROUGH was the realization that he was on the wrong side of the equation. I call it: being on the wrong side of the cash register.


So Benny asked himself: Why shouldn't I be the guy everybody hands his or her money over to, instead of the guy handing over the money?


For Benny, this was a game-changer. He became a bookie. And when he discovered he had an arch competitor, Dirty Ben, claiming his Dallas, Texas territory, on September 12,1936…He did one dastardly thing:


He Put All But ONE Round Of His Colt .45 Into His

Competitors Chest—Then Turned The Gun On Himself!


No, he didn’t kill himself.  But He put the last bullet through his own shoulder so he could claim self-defense. 


It worked!


Benny became king of the gambling rackets in Dallas, then took his ill-gotten gains to Vegas at its very start, established one of the most famous casinos, and later, the famed World Series of Poker.


Now let's talk about your breakthrough. Consider which side of the cash register you are on.


Change sides…


You see, money's always moving. You want it moving TO you, and you don't need a gun to eliminate competition.  (Put Subway story here).


I'll show you how to place yourself in a category-of-one with Influential Communication, no shots ever fired. But remember, if you won't take aggressive action once you see the path, I can't help you.


Re-positioning yourself to be magnetically attractive to customers, to cooperation from others, to money is not about tricks. It's about fundamental principles.



This is What I Call “Gamechanger” Marketing!


Listen: It's not really WHAT you do; WHAT media you use or don't use that creates wealth.


It's doing it for the right WHO, and being recognized by them as the right WHO.


In other words, it's about creating “magnetic influence” with people able and willing to reward you generously for your particular knowhow or information or products or services. 





            Gamechanger #1:           

Joe Sugarman


Description: you know my friend Joe Sugarman made most famous by his Blu-Blocker sunglasses commercials .  He built a mail-order giant called JS&A, that was the dominant presence with multiple full-page ads in all the airline magazines, and the Wall Street Journal.


He sold an endless parade of gadgets, some as mundane as the desktop electronic calculator - made mesmerizing, made fascinating, made status symbols, made gotta-have’s by Joe's sales copy.


Joe say's that you need to establish your authority (or your company's or product's authority) in every sales presentation, ad, letter, whatever, every single time, which is what he did for JS&A with his invented clever truth.


This is something I do for every creation, every client, every product, every offer, often by using the tactic I swiped from him: the invention of a category of one in which you can instantly be #1. It's not the only way to construct a clever truth conveying great authority, but it's a good one.


This is something you can bring to your communication about yourself and whatever you seek to exchange for money from the marketplace immediately. Make note of it as: ESTABLISH YOUR AUTHORITY WITH CLEVER TRUTH. And this is something I’ll teach you in Gamechanger DNA!


A deeper secret: the higher up the income hierarchy you go, the more you find the people at the top are paid more for WHO they are than for WHAT they do.


You see, your big breakthrough just won't be found in yet another new trick bought off the shelf.


It'll require you to actually be a magician. And the best part is I can make that happen - with a system for creating influence for yourself.


So if you have invested money and time in trick after trick and have been looking to media web sites, e-mail, social media, print ads, mail, whatever - for your breakthroughs, I’m going to ask you consider seeing those things only as tools.


And let me tell you that tools alone are as useless as is construction without architecture…construction without solid foundation.


You need a strategy for using tools. You need a foundation of self-created influence



Let me ask you:


Are you highly motivated to get rich? Motivation without foundation leads to frustration. Are you working hard? Most poor people work hard.







You've Been Investing And Learning And

Working…And Came Here For A REASON!



You want a better income; a better life for your family; escape from a job you hate where you’re disrespected and under-paid… or, a reinvention of a business with great potential but disappointing income…freedom and independence.


Maybe you've been in lust for the much-promised “4 hour workweek” with a millionaire's salary.


 So please listen.


A long time back. I was broke, confused, and floundering about. For a time I thought I needed just one more Shiny Object. Another technique, another tool, another trick, even another opportunity.


There came a point where I realized none of that mattered unless and until I created a solid foundation.


The "dream" often put in front of YOU is one that I really live. My business life is arranged for my personal preferences.


Work I enjoy, done on my terms, with people I pick, for very high pay - with plenty of time to play with my 20 racehorses, my classic Cars, at our two homes, with many vacations.


I have a lot of people making money for me in various ways though I employ only one. I can guide you to all this. Some you undoubtedly know, maybe others not, but know this - I am their secret.


Up to this point I have mostly taught this secret and the specific applications of it to private clients - beginning with $18,800.00 consulting days, and usually in on-going relationships for which I'm paid from $34,000.00 to $100,000.00 a year…


Not to mention the in-depth, multi-day, small group trainings requiring fees of thousands of dollars, plus time away from your home or business.  Including the parts have been separated, in different places, in different resources.


You see, I only very recently organized it all into a NEW course for the masses to consume.  In fact, after reviewing an earlier version, Bill Glazer came to me and said it was my best and most dramatically powerful work ever!


He urged that we launch it in the Internet space.  I have never presented information of this advanced nature for wide public consumption. But I was persuaded, so here I am. 




The Gamechanger DNA System


Description: cd images

The Gamechanger DNA System is drawn from trainings and courses people have paid as much as $3,000.00 for, but I want you to understand the full depth of both the research and the experience put into this Code.


My research into influence reaches back as far as 1926, in rare books I've acquired, including a first edition, on the subjects of Thought Transference and Mental Magnetism by Edmund Shaftsbury.


I have good reason to believe his works greatly influenced the much more famous Napoleon Hill, best known for the iconic book Think And Grow Rich.


I’ve studied the use of propaganda, the structure of conversion used by religions and cults and movements past and present, advertising principles of all the Golden Era marketing greats, including Ogilvy and Burnett.


I’ve also studied the sales methods of some of the greatest salesmen ever to walk the earth - Barry Kaye in finance comes to mind, even the academics leading in the area of influence, like Dr. Cialdini, who I very recently brought in for a small group of clients, at a cost exceeding $25,000.00 I might add...


So I have reverse engineered what has worked for me in crafting some of the most powerful, profitable scripts and presentations used in TV infomercials, on home shopping TV, by speakers selling from the stage and for online video presentations that sell.


I could go on and on and on. If you visited my homes, you would find over 500 books, bound collections of notes and materials on this subject alone, spanning over 90 years. 




Gamechanger #2:

Jared And Subway


Description: is all about positioning…or for existent businesses, re-positioning.


Simply put, you can present the same thing one way and get ho-hum disinterest and be see as just one of many or you can present the exact same thing in a different way and be seen as exciting and different, even one in a category of one.


Here’s an example: drive down any street where there is one fast food joint and you'll find a row of fast food joints…a blur of them. Where's the differentiation, designed to be magnetic to a certain WHO?


More than 10 years ago, Subway embraced a guy named Jared who went from fat to fit on a diet of Subway sandwiches, and this very influential message has fueled their growth to the #1 chain.


Listen: It does take some very big, brass balls to position a food shop selling foot-long loaves of bread as a weight loss program, but they've pulled it off. They successfully created UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION BASED POSITIONING. And I’ll reveal the exact method you can do this in Gamechanger DNA!


If you closely compared every client I've guided and coached to the launch or expansive development of huge incomes in hundreds of different fields, the common threads of the DNA drawn from all this study and work would reveal themselves.


This Is Like Putting Pounds Of Fruit Through A Juicer

And Creating One Glass Filled With JUST The Nutrients!


This is not to imply this is as instant and easy as drinking a glass of juice. Much failure in lives is result of foolishly seeking simple solutions to complex problems or opportunities.


You won't just gulp my System once and quickly; you’ll be fascinated by it, immerse yourself in its use and build both your skills and income with it.


Remember, you are actually altering YOUR DNA to become more influential. Yet results can begin swiftly.


You can very quickly see more people saying YES to you more often, in greater numbers, more easily, in any scenario - speaking to one, to twenty in a boardroom, to 20,000 via webinars, via the written and printed word.   Think about that.


If you could get 5-times, 10-times, 20-times more people saving YES to your requests, your proposals, your ideas, your sales presentations by all media than say YES now, what would that be worth to you?


Think about this in dollars ... in marketplace strength, power and personal confidence and even pleasure?


Enough Already.  I Get The Picture! 
Send Me Gamechanger DNA Right Now!



Write down a number.
If you were GUARANTEED the ability to get 5-times more YES's than you get now, to your every request, proposal or offer, what would you pay for that super power? WRITE DOWN A NUMBER.


Let’s Go Over What You’ll Get

With The Gamechanger DNA System



Element #1: The Supernatural Influencer DNA Code:


The Supernatural Influencer DNA Code lays out everything you need to personally internalize Influential Communication as well as incorporate the practical applications in any business.


This module encompasses three kinds of vital communication.


  • One, ATTRACTION Communication, so you can magnetically attract the prospects, customers or clients of greatest value to you - with whatever advertising, marketing or media you wish to use.  
  • Two,  CONNECTlON Communication, which gets you away from the product-focused messaging everybody else uses and lifts you to a more sophisticated place, where we connect with people in ways that build rapport, trust and pre-determination to do business. 
  • Three, ACCEPTANCE Communication, to put across your ideas and advocated positions. So you have people "with you" - not just sold to. These three combined transform your business from transactional to relational, and that changes everything for the better - it makes it (1) easier to stand out in a crowded place, (2) easier to get the best customers, (3) provides price elasticity and improves retention.


Element #2:  The Seven Key Of Influential
Communication And “Game-Changer” Marketing


Next, The expanded version or my Seven Gold Keys of Influential Communication and Game-Changer Marketing. This can benefit any business and can also be used as the foundation for starting or expanding an information marketing business of your own.


This Code can be applied to any communication.  Including:


  • Person-to-person, face-to-face communications…such as door-to-door sales
  • Making e-mail subject lines sing
  • Writing Facebook posts people find irresistibly interesting.
  • Better PPC ads, audio and video scripts, auto-responder messages.
  • Print, direct mail, broadcast. Even, speeches, tele-seminars, or webinars.
  • Also crafting new positioning for your business…


You even get five Influential Communication Acid Tests, so that you can accurately judge the merits of your crafted communication, before you ever invest in putting it out to the market.  This alone could save you a LOT of time, money, and heartache!


Yes Dan, I Want The 7 Keys.

Give Me Gamechanger DNA Now!


Element #3:  The Lords Of Listbuilding



And then there’s the Ultimate List-Builder Course, which I think of as The Lords Of List-Building because it features secrets and methods from some of the smartest list-builders on the planet, and all equity is in the list and relationship with the list.


Here's why I've included this: I do NOT want to JUST help you make a lot of one 'n done money…I want you to leverage influence into sustainable assets, and that requires becoming a master at and a maniac about list-building.


I also want you to enjoy the rare security of being in the Income At Will Position: being able to wake up any morning and decide you'd like a cash flow surge, being able to pull the trigger by nightfall, and watching a tidal wave of money roll in the next day.


That comes from List + Influence. What would that security be worth to you?


Listen: It's the only real security there is. A handful of years ago, when I went trough divorce, and roughly half the wealth accumulated from my life's work danced out the door, I said to myself:


“I shall send this bill to my lists, and I replaced it all in under 23 months.”


Happy ending: my 3rd wife is my 2nd wife, so I finally married rich too.


Anyway, this Course is also completely new. At some point, I imagine it will be released separately at significant stand-alone price, but you'll get it first, included here.


You'll hear from me, of course, but also the bad boy of Internet Marketing, Frank Kern... a phenomenal builder of lists in 10 different markets, Ryan Deiss, and several others.


This Course also includes the 1-Day live-recorded training Checklists, Fill In The Blank Templates, Swipe Files and a whole LOT more!


Gotcha, I’m Sold!  Let Me Order And

Get My Hands On Gamechanger DNA Now!


Here’s A Wrap-Up Of What You’re Going
To Get That’ll Skyrocket Your Business!


So, the System includes the Influencer DNA Code, the Seven Gold Keys and The Lords of List-Building.


It includes audio CD's, DVD's, a unique collection of printed resources, everything you need for practical application starting immediately.


But do not think of this in terms of its media; think of it - correctly --- as unprecedented opportunity to have me transfer my secrets of influential communication to you.


I basically created this entire industry and have led thousands to their own 6-figure and even 7-figure incomes, many with part-time, kitchen table and laptop computer businesses.


In a way, this is two Courses in one: It is a foundational system for creating and developing your own enormously profitable information marketing business.


To that, remember Benny Binion's breakthrough.  It is also the in-depth reveal of the seven Gold Keys that govern influential communication…a roadmap for re-making any marketing to be more successful by multiples.



If You’re Skeptical If This System Is Right For
You, Then ASK Many Internet Marketing Gurus:  


Even though I famously refuse to personally use the Internet at all, do not use e-mail, do not have a cell-phone, do not text, and have never even glanced at Facebook, what I teach is frequently credited with helping jumpstart the careers and grow the fortunes of some of the top Internet Marketers.


Two of the reigning experts in pay-per-click, Perry Marshall and Tim Seward of ROI Revolution have both followed my lead closely in using this secret I’m describing.


And the late Corey Rudl as well as Yanik Silver and Perry Marshal have all been personal coaching clients of mine.  Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, and Andy Jenkins, all avid followers.


Heck one major guru recently told me that without my teachings, many Internet gurus would still be selling $37 e-books!


I'd like to take all the credit, but it's a bit much.


Whether we’re talking about a committed online marketer or a locally based financial advisor…or the owner of a retail shop…or an inventor with an ingenious product or a direct marketing entrepreneur…


…if they are rich, getting rich and sustaining wealth, they are leveraging everything in my GAME CHANGER DNA SYSTEM. 


I suppose I have had more influence on more from scratch millionaires and multi-millionaires than anybody else…


…but what's important here and now is what I might install in YOUR business life.


If This System Is Good Enough For

The Gurus, Then I’m Sold. Let Me In!


Don't forget Benny's breakthrough. Think about it. This is your opportunity to have that breakthrough!


This Is Your Key To Obtaining Superman-like
Powers Over Your Marketplace…And Your Competition!


Listen, I might as well be frank with you: there's a choice you're being led to - so I might as well reveal it.



Gamechanger #3: Infomarketer Selling To Dentists


I had an info-marketer client with a good system for dentists to make an extra $50,000 to $100,000 a year using their offices only on Saturdays, with somebody else doing all the work - the details don't matter.


We quickly saw that the buyers were almost all 50 to 60 years old. We dug into why they were buying, and discovered their motivation was to stack up money for retirement.


This allowed us to devote more resources marketing only to dentists over 50 and to reposition the product and its story as in “the best way for a dentist to add an extra $500,000 to 51-million to his retirement fund in 5 to 10 years with no extra work and no savings taken from current income".


Because we got on target with a buyer group's motivational reason for buying, we brought in huge sums at blinding speed, easily.


Believe me, I could tell you 100 different stories - very different in their businesses - with breakthrough results from precisely the same play: being on target with a motivational reason for buying.  And I’ll show you how to laser-target a motivational reason for buying for your clients and customers in Gamechanger DNA!

Batman and Superman are iconic super heroes, but actually Batman has no super powers at all.


He has only tools: the computer in the Bat-Cave, the Batmobile, his Bat-Belt of gadgets…somewhat like James Bond always has his gadgets.


But Batman can be injured or killed just as you or I can. In Batman stories, he has had his back broken. He also ages just as you and I do.


However, Superman actually has super strength, super speed, super vision, super hearing, and we can imagine some other super powers only Lois Lane is familiar with.


Other than with one weapon, some meteor rock in rare supply, he cannot be hurt or killed and doesn’t age. Bullets fired at his chest bounce off.


Now, if you could get gifted to you Batman's tools or Superman's super-powers, which would YOU choose?


Think carefully. You can always buy tools or pay people to use tools for you as I do.


My GAMECHANGER DNA SYSTEM represents a choice you may not have ever been offered before. Think about that too…



“But Dan, My Business Is Different!”


First, many asked the “but my business is different - will this work for me?” question, one that so many use to disqualify themselves.


My System works in any English speaking country in the world. A multi-millionaire entrepreneur from Bahrain travels to the U.S. once or twice a year just to pick my brain for a day.


And there are people using this system in the U.K., all throughout Asia, and South America.


I even recently heard from the CEO of a network marketing company in Russia, of all places, telling me their business was built on these principles learned from me and asking me to come there to speak…


I'm not going, but it's nice to be asked. My GameChanger DNA System works for local businesses in small towns or big cities, professional practices, restaurants, retail shops, wholesale, manufacturing, from the ordinary to the downright weird.


In Canada, a thriving pizza business doubled in size over the past year, with large pizzas priced at $22.00 to $38.00, successful because of the owner's brilliant use of what I teach in this course.


Can't be much more ordinary than pizza, right?


I KNOW Gamechanger DNA Will
Work For My Business.  I Want It Now!


It works for every imaginable kind of online business, including: 


  • a lady with a site selling Scottish terrier collectibles.. 
  • a small kitchen-table business...
  • a young guy who has quickly built his business from zero to 1-million participating families using his web site and 25% market share of the bowling center industry...
  • a client with e-commerce topping $1 million a year operating in 5 different product categories…
  • …And a whole LOT more!


You see, my System can transform an existent business into something new and exciting and exceptionally profitable


… Or it can be used as the genesis to speed the success of brand new sign-ups.


If you haven't yet put the pieces of your ideas, tools you've invested in, things half-begun together, this System can get you focused.


To be fair, not everybody needs, is ready for or can use every part of my System immediately, but I'd rather you have MORE than you need, not less!



…Oh, And I’m Not Some Sort Of

Genetic Freak With A Genius IQ Either!


Another thing: a lot of people ask me if I'm some sort of genetic freak with genius IQ or superhuman talent, and that a System based on my methods can't be used by mere mortals.


I'm flattered. And my wife and kids and dog would be amused.


First, I have no talent for anything. I do have highly developed skills, all self-taught and that is something anybody can do for themselves, and that I built this System to make easier and faster by condensing 10 years or so of struggle and trial and error and 35 years experience.


I did not attend college, although my friend Nido Qubein has graciously named me to the Advisory Board of the School of Communications at High Point University.


And I’ve raised myself to the pinnacle of not one but three professions - speaking, direct-response copywriting, and direct marketing consulting. 


I've been a serial entrepreneur and started, bought, built, and sold businesses, and I've been the catalyst for literally billions of dollars of income generated every year with my marketing strategies.


I've also guided countless so-called ordinary people --- a carpet cleaner, a windshield repair mechanic, a clothing storeowner, a small town doctor, a lawyer, etc. to prominence and success in the fascinating information-marketing industry.


I live my ideal, designed life. All of this is owed in large part to the very same DNA that is in this System, for you to incorporate as your own.


It's not DNA you're either born with or not. It's DNA you can choose to possess.


This is truly a System ANYONE can use to rapidly elevate their status in a marketplace …and proportionately elevate their income and reduce the difficulty or earning it.


Brace Yourself: This System Is

Not As Expensive As You Think!


I'm sure you’re bracing yourself for a big investment for this entire System, as you should.


It represents the culmination of 35 years of my life's work, neatly organized into three modules that can definitely and dramatically boost the size and sustainability of your income.


Remember the choice I said you'd face: do you want Batman's tool belt or Superman's powers?


My System offers the super-powers.


The investment I'll ask of you will be less than 2% of a $100,000.00 a year income. 1% of a $200,000.00 a year income or income increase, but it represents less than 1/10th of 1% of mine.


So introducing you to these people and their stories is not, to my mind, a selling exercise at all.


This is about giving you the confidence you need to turn your back on the Shiny Object Syndrome and re-direct your energy to a path that actually can lead you to the success you seek.


This is about giving you a new sense of purpose - to become a master of influential communication, with the certainty that doing so is possible for you.


This letter is for your benefit, not mine.


There are two ways to accept my System. Everything comes to you immediately, but you may take care of payment over 6 months, in equal installments of just $397 per month.


Or you can save about 17% in accounting costs, pre-pay at $1,997.00, and you'll have no payments.


Listen: if you add just $100k of new income by putting my System to work for you, that's a tick less than 2% invested, $200k just 1%.


OK, I’m IN! Send Me Gamechanger DNA

Right Now…While its Still Hot On My Mind!


If it’s obvious to you that I'm for real, that I know my stuff, that this is different than the parade of Shiny Objects, that this is a game-changer, then you MUST make this small investment.


I GUARANTEE Gamechanger DNA Will Boost Your Business…
Or You Don’t Have To Pay A Penny!


I have never once sold anything of mine without a proper guarantee.


People can say many things about me, but they can NEVER honestly accuse me of pocketing a dollar I didn't earn in the sole judgment of the person paying the dollar.


This System is so obviously powerful and advanced and valuable, I can't imagine anyone finding it wanting - but I can imagine somebody finding it inappropriate.


You see, I'm a serious guy.  I've built a serious program for serious adults pursuing exceptional goals.


In any case, for any reason or even no reason at all, you may return my entire System anytime within 1 year of receipt for a full and complete and instant refund.  


No questions asked…no hassle.


If you can't see how this System is going to elevate your game, get you a higher income with greater ease, open doors and create opportunities, and empower you as an influencer…


…And you can't CLEARLY see at least $100,000.00 income increase waiting for you by its use, I want you to return it for your refund.


This is cruel, but I don't want idiots using my Systems to prop up tables with broken legs. I pride myself on the extraordinary results people get.


In fact, my refund statistics might interest you. I average about 7%. So 93% keep whatever of mine they invest in, and the overwhelming majority invests again, and again.


Now why would ANYBODY do that if they weren't getting great profits?


MANY People Will Be ‘Bellying Up To The

Bar’ To Invest In This System…Will You?


In fact many people investing in the System will have begun their journeys with me ten and even twenty years ago and will, for the umpteenth lime, be bellying up to my bar.


Do NOT let that scare you. IT, more than anything else, is real guarantee, real certainty that MY promises are real.


Of course, I cannot guarantee anybody any certain income or result, and the comments and examples should NOT be taken either as typical or average results or as representation of your results.


Your results are yours and your responsibility alone, but your absolute satisfaction and decision to keep and use this System for months and years to come IS guaranteed.


Finally, let me remind you: this is NOT a box of gimmicks or tricks that are hot today and obsolete tomorrow. This is NOT some mountain of hype that winds up leaving you asking - where's the beef?


This is a System built on utterly dependable, reliable, practical strategies and sophisticated psychological techniques. It is rock solid. Which is why it can be unconditionally guaranteed.


Just click the ADD TO CART button below and complete a quick checkout, and my System will be at your door in days - ready to go to work for you…


Funny, by the way, that language - add to cart. It's actually the opposite of what we're doing. 


I Don't Want To Load More Shiny Objects Into

A Shopping Cart. I Want To Empower You!


..And not fill up a cart, tool chest, or shelves. But the Internet has a language of its own, so click that button!


Heck No - Forget About Shiny Objects.

I Want The Real Deal!  I Want To Order Now!


What do you HAVE TO LOSE by not acting on this opportunity! You’ll never know for certain.  But certainly TIME…the time of your life…


If it takes you 2-times or 3-times or 4-times longer to get from where you are to the kind of income and freedom you'd like to have, a great deal is lost.


The average wealthy entrepreneur achieves secure wealth and great freedom at or after age 60, after at least 20 years of struggle and another 20 years of intense, productive work.


I was there by 44…16 years sooner…and might very well have lost those 16 years of being able to totally call my own shots without the knowledge in this System…


…And had I been in its possession when much younger, I'd have arrived at 34 instead of 44, and gained 26 years of total financial and personal independence.


I am now 58 years old.


Time is speeding up. Better you not waste any more of your own time on earth than absolutely necessary merely working to pay bills, doing work that does not genuinely fascinate you, dealing with people you don't like or who don't respect you, struggling mightily just to get your ideas across.


What do you HAVE TO LOSE by not acting on this opportunity?


Efficiency and productivity…And SPEED. If you can get YES from double, triple or quintuple the number of people you get YES from now- that means you get bank each $100k, two, three, five times faster.


There's really no virtue in getting rich slow. And the people who insist you can't get rich quick and decry the very idea of quick have one thing in common: they're poor.


You CAN'T lose by acting. You have my guarantee. Mark Twain said: ''Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you DIDN'T do, than by the ones you did do.


Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Discover.  Yet here you can explore and discover with safety.


You HAVE my guarantee!


So Are You A “Doer”…Or Are You A Pretender?


I know that most of you are just watchers…you’ll enjoy the ideas…essentially as entertainment, and will wander off still in search of Shiny Objects or to the next place they may be given something free.


Some may be swayed by someone pitching much harder than I have…promising them the moon as their personal nightlight and seeds for a money tree they can grow by moonlight.


Comparatively few will invest in my System. I know that, because it’s always that way.


Earlier I assured you, I'm not a genetic freak. But I am a freak. Financially, I'm in a tiny fraternity of from-scratch, entrepreneurial multi-millionaires representing less than 1% of the population.


Not just guys with big incomes for a year or two…I mean: wealthy.


And by behavior, I AM a freak. I invested in information when I could least afford it; I invest now even though I have no need to.


Like you, I'm disappointed more often than not. But I have cobbled together pieces from many different investments into my personal Systems like this one, that have lifted me above 99% of the population precisely because of that freakish habit.


I also know that this science of influential communication has been of more value to me than a thousand techniques or gadgets or gimmicks.


Now it can be yours for a small investment, fully guaranteed.


If you’re one of the few, welcome, and congratulations.


Most people desire much. Few have sincere ambition. It is by their actions that we know them - and know ourselves.


So now’s the time to join the “elite 1%” and claim your copy of GameChanger today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind.  





Yes Dan!  I Want To Discover The Gamechanger

DNA That ALL Successful Renegade Entrepreneurs Have In Common! 


  • I know this is the ONLY time in your illustrious career that you’ve laid out 35 years worth of strategies and techniques into one “easy-to-follow” course.  
  • I know I’d be absolutely nuts to NOT take you up on this offer…as you’re doing me a FAVOR by assembling all these strategies in one place…thus saving me years of trial and error! 
  • I know that my investment today is only 2% of a yearly income of $100,000 – which is peanuts compared to how much I’ll be making with these strategies in my hand.  
  • And I know if I’m not the least bit satisfied, I can request a FULL refund within 1 year of purchase.  In other words, I get to use Gamechanger DNA for essentially FREE!


Dan Kennedy’s Gamechanger DNA


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2 Easy Payment Options:


Only $1997


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6 Payments Of $397


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Dan S. Kennedy


P.S.  If you were to accumulate all this valuable moneymaking and business information yourself, it would take you YEARS and thousands of dollars.  You simply cannot lose when you take action right now and get my GameChanger DNA system.  And remember, you’re backed up by my 1-year guarantee if you’re not satisfied!